Art from imagination / Floating with video games + timelapse!

Little timelapse

I actually did this for the 31st International Illustration Contest Held by ClipStudioPaint

But I gave up since it required me to follow their account, lift my privacy settings for DMs and I wasn’t that confident with my impromptu piece that features my embarrassing self in PJs. No thanks!

I’m embarrassed that I’m posting this anyway as it is :’)

I’m not planning/trying to win, just wanted to doodle something. I’m not taking the competition too seriously ;P

Perhaps it’s too honest but I really don’t really have *exciting* stuff for the prompt “holidays” – there are exceptions if something cool comes up that truly compels/forces me to break out of my hermit state and into an overwhelmed and stressed out one. I don’t even have holidays right now ;P

Usually when I do have holidays it’s simple, chill and boring for me aside from rare exceptions! More time for my personal life and art shenanigans.

Falling with style: it’s so hard to make time for video games :’)

I don’t really have much holidays where I “relax” since I juggle life and art shenanigans.

The closest thing is video games, videos, reading comics/novels – and they are all screen-related shenanigans. Still I’m trying to manage my low energy levels and not trying to burn out too much/badly :’) I’m usually sleeping 5-6 hours but striving to get around 7 hours when able.

Yes that is an Emil/NieR shirt that I finally started wearing!! I was saving it for outdoor shenanigans but now I’m happy wearing it as a homebody ;P

And since it’s Monday and start of the week, I have to be a HW art worker bee – definitely no time for games :’)

Keep on struggling forward.