Knight of Hearts Stickers for sale [+ weekly update]

KnightofHearts Stickers for sale! ✨

First come, first served. As of now, there are 49 available!

Taking orders for my 63.5 x 61mm vinyl stickers! 💖

  • One sticker is AUD$4 (if you’re from Australia)
  • or AUD$6 (if you’re outside of Australia)
  • if you’re ordering more, add AUD$2 for each additional one
  • please understand there will be no refunds once payment is made

Please email me the following if you’re interested:

  • Your name
  • Delivery address
  • How many stickers you’re ordering
  • How much in total (in AUD) your order is

Then I’ll set aside stickers for you and will send over a paypal invoice within December. Once payment is processed, I’ll send them to you during January/February, depending on how many I have left. I’ll even gift one of my little portrait stickers (see the above photo)! 😀

The original Knight of Hearts sticker design!

I finished this in September! 😀 And then I got these stickers early October and figured I should sell them eventually this year :<

If nobody wants these stickers I’ll just gift them to people in my life and consider this a loss of money later next year :< I’ve never actually sold stickers like this and I’m just testing the waters.

I’m just not willing to increase the price through platforms like etsy or a dedicated store system and all that because they take a chunk of the money too on top of existing paypal fees and I really don’t make that much profit here D: I can’t afford to invest that much into selling these stickers. I’m just dabbling :’)

If I actually run out, feel free to get them at RedBubble instead but I get even less profit back ;P Still I think it’s more likely that nobody’s interested :’)

Leonie’s art from the past week

#55 “I’m thrilled to be here!” 😊🌈

In contrast, I’m not feeling great in the past week so I’m being more self aware & taking things slow :’)

#56 Heavy mood

Gloomy feelings doing what they like, weighing on my head 🌧️

This is my last inktober one from October! I’ll keep doing more sketchbook illustrations every now and then ;D

Hey sketchbook doodles and little illustrations are part of the design and problem solving process too! It’s just not shiny portfolio stuff though :<

Thanks so much for reading! ❤

Gotta thank you as there’s not many of you who read about my mundane life and art rambles haha

Been in a bad, grumpy mood plus bad monthly cramps, yay :< Did lots of overtime as well. I’ve been tired so I’m taking things slow because I don’t want to fully burn out again. Just mixed bag of a week when it comes to mood. I just want to keep on retreating into a ball and do the best I can with work and day to day life.

Also played some Luigi’s Mansion 3 scarescraper and the new Super Mario Maker 2 update levels with a good buddy – was super fun and cheered me up some 😀 !

Rambles on Korean culture and sappy entertainment

Finding myself watching some cultural Korean videos which debunks the stereotypical, “perfect”, romantic Kdrama/Kpop image of dating, expectations and romance through just being silly, weird, awkward, honest humans and talking about what they value.

It’s probably because I was watching sappy romance stuff (chinese, japanese, korean) prior. It’s great to get some helpings of reality and opinions (even though some of these youtubers/streamers do perform for a living, they’re people too). They do hide their emotions lots (in which I share this cultural thing too).

From the videos, I like it when they stay respectful, focus on having quality time and ask genuine questions. One just misses the person they were when they were in a relationship, rather than the ex-partner for instance. Some act through a flirty “playboi/girl” persona and a few even treat their whole audience as their fictional love interest or actually date their viewers! Most however reinforce their own boundaries between public figure/entertainer and fan – because the dynamic is pretty uneven with power and influence. In turn it’s pretty uncomfortable and creepy when you don’t know who all your viewers really are.

No I’m not romantically looking for people from Korea, I’m just interested in learning about their culture around friendships and relationships to get better context and understanding on the idealised drama clips and videos I’ve seen. Looking for similarities and differences with my own cultural background too.

Hey it’s interesting and insightful to watch sappy, romcom things since I won’t experience much of it myself anyway. I’m too busy skilling up with my career ;P It highlights what boring company I am because I’m pretty much an ignorant, inexperienced, awkward hermit, while most people around my age are otherwise. Also since I usually don’t feel relaxed and comfortable with others’ company, some of these dramas showcase friendships that are too wonderful and close to be true to me 😛

When it comes to romance, it’s also cool to see how people learn how to bond and grow together with communication, boundaries, values, needs, living together, sharing a bathroom and chores, dealing with compromises and complaints, having time with friends, work and hobbies without their partner and all that stuff beyond the courting and honeymoon dating phase. Because that’s the important, quality, real slice of life stuff – the experiences of people, building and maintaining a life together. There’s not many of those!

Well there’s some in the parenting/family dramas I’ve seen in the past and it contrasts with watching college dramas, school dramas, career people dramas and workplace dramas where the focus is on the courting ;P

But it’s all fiction and what do I know, it’s already difficult living and working with human beings in real life! ;D

Rambles on games

It occurred to me that peeps enjoying the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield is the same as me enjoying Skyward Sword while louder fans keep bashing the bad, underdeveloped parts :< Mixed feelings! Yes I watched lots of people streaming Pokemon since the music and some of the designs are great. It’s quite chill to have it in the background. The story is silly, thin, nonsensical anime stuff but it doesn’t matter; people play for the pokemon really ;P

After watching the whole game of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it’s super cool, entertaining and promising as a 3D metroidvania with heart; I hope they make more single player games like this (though there were some bugs, it gets a bit over the top/fan servicey and how you only grow to like some of the main characters super late into the story).

Oh yes I did watch all of Death Stranding last month for the entertainment value. It was weird, entertaining and the story somehow does make sense – at the end ;D Indeed it’s not my kind of game, definitely not a perfect game and there’s some questionable lore bits and perspectives too. I note that the delivery gameplay seems pretty chill and becomes super developed as you progress your abilities and resources. The streamers I’ve watched enjoyed it while others just avoided it.

Also I’m 31 days in and still doing Ring Fitness! It gets super hard and I’m slowly easing myself into the harder exercises. I think I need to use clothes that aren’t restrictive or I actually need to use a mat :’) It’s great and I’ve been doing it every morning!

Anyhoo thanks so much for your kind support and take care during this busy week! I’m just going to stay indoors during this super hot 38 degree day and enjoy my leftover pizza dinner (pizza is rare for me so I’ll cherish this!!)

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