SuperListenMode: Picky on Entertainment Consumption

SuperListenMode: Picky on Entertainment Consumption

At best I read the summary of a movie/book, read up on the development and lyrics of a song or watch a playthrough of a game just to satisfy my curiosity 😉 Figure out if it’s worth my time and meaningful to me.

Sometimes I give something a chance, or have company to experience it with. Either I had a good entertaining journey or I feel mixed, start analysing its execution and intention and listen to the opinions of those more articulate and intelligent than I am to expand my understanding.

“But you’re supposed to experience it by watching/reading/playing!! What are you doing??”

Hey, most things aren’t interesting enough to experience it for myself when compared to learning and making art, relaxing with streams or spending time with kind peeps ;D

I love watching people play long games, RPGs, JRPGs and story driven games because I don’t usually have the time, desire, skill or patience to play them myself anymore ;____;
Laziest way to experience a game – I’m just there for the story while the streamer experiences it 😀

One day I might try playing them again but we’ll see.
There’s some Switch games I’m actually interested to try!
I’ll eventually go back to reading my collection of real and digital books too!