StudyPost #07 / Figure and Torso muscle studies!

Nothing else to see here ;P

Hoy there, it’s another edition of warm ups and studies!

Continuing through Strength Training Anatomy and I hope to apply these studies to my other studies eventually. Getting tired of the website I’m getting figure drawing references from :’) I’ll switch to a different one next time :0 And yes I’m wary of including lady areolas when it comes to posting figure drawing on social media because I note they’re sensitive to that :<

Ah I’ve created a LeonieArtRambles podcast playlist so I can add to it whenever I have random topics to talk about in the future (: I don’t think much people listen all the way through but I don’t mind as long as I’m not forcing myself to make the videos! Plus I have one new subscriber; hello and you know who you are! (:

Thank you for reading my little sketchbook and progress post! As always, much gratitude to my patrons and readers for the generous support in my work too! I hope to keep growing and going as a person and artist :0!!

In short, let’s just keep on rolling forward at our own pace :’)

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