Somehow in the 2018 MCVPacific Women In Games List – Huh…What?!

I didn’t check social media this morning and then…
What. How. Huh?!

I even posted a comic last month on how I don’t feel like part of the games industry and I’m just an art helper.
So any industry lists were out of the question.
I’m not cool. I’m pretty quiet, reserved and introverted.
I don’t have much friends.
I make art within my own lonely bubble.
What I do is pretty niche.
I’m pretty much an art ghost when I need to be on social media.
I don’t feel like I’m doing big generous things for the industry.
I don’t feel like I have any influence.Got an honourable mention and a nomination for Creative Impact last year to my confusion too.
So I thought that’s all I should ever expect!
“That’s it for my games career!” I thought. “Just keep doing my best regardless!”
I genuinely gave up expecting anything when it comes to recognition.
It’s weird for me…I need some time for this to sink in.
I feel like a super fraud. I don’t know why I’m listed. I’m confused. :’)
I guess this is a pat on the back for something I don’t know I did.What did I do??? Halp!
I’m going to keep feeling this way every time people are kind to me haha

Self doubt aside, I’m just super grateful and shocked there are kind peeps who like what I do…even though I don’t know what I’m doing with my creative rut <3


Super thank you Joel and the incredible, kind industry panel for the gracious honour, support and warm fuzzies ;___;
Thank you Mighty Games Group for being awesome in general too!!
Boundless gratitude to wonderfully kind and supportive friends and peeps I’ve met along the way and who help keep me going <3
But ignore little me, please check out the other brilliant ladies on the list! <3 They’re super kickbutt, cool, generous and brilliant! It’s an honour!!
Please support them if you’re not already! <3 Warmest congratulations! ^o^


Finally regardless and most importantly: whether you’re listed or not, you are still wonderful. ^_^Let’s all keep being inspiring, awesome and do our best! <3

Support *all* the awesome, kickbutt ladies and non binary peeps!

PS: Uhh I don’t know what to do now. *flails*
What do you do when you’re part of this class? :S

Is the homebody going somewhere? Is there a ritual? :0

I don’t think anything changes…I’m still me, hello.
Maybe *this* is it for my games career and I shall fall into oblivion now ;D


Update 11th July 2018:

I’m not planning to go to Sydney’s WIG lunch unfortunately.
I did go last year already as a surprise Creative Impact nominee so I figured someone else should take my spot.
My blog post on last year’s 2017 WIG Lunch and…
I did a video blog here for 2017 WIG Lunch here.
I felt pretty out of place back then anyway like this gif.
I can’t afford to travel to Sydney just for a lunch either.
So please enjoy it if you’re going and congrats to everyone! ^o^
Hopefully I meet more people during and around Games Week when it’s less intense…just not during late night crowded parties :’)

Update 17th July 2018: 

Got featured by MCVPacific, thanks Joel for the lovely feature! Gosh! :’)
He did his best copywriting my dot points I’ve given him:

Update 9th Aug 2018:

Cool feature by Michelle