StudyPost / Kimodameshi 2022 Days 15 to 20, figure drawings + portrait timelapse (the end)

Final week of this challenge! Previous two posts here [P1][P2].

Day 15: 3 drawings from imagination and 1 photo study sketch

Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing. And that is how life and things are :’)

Day 16: smug 3D model asset man??

I don’t know what this is but I drew him anyway from super low resolution preview images

Day 17: playing with this figure study, dress folds and stylisation

I really like the bottom left drawing I did as I was just playing around and it turned out nice :0

Day 18: Pink, maroon and orange. Photo study of this.

Little 1 minute timelapse!

Reference was picked and shared by other artists and I couldn’t reverse image search the photo source aside from pinterest. The original photo post got taken down? :S

I did my own thing with the colours and background ;D

Day 19: More loose and rusty figure studies

Where do I go from here, when ultimately no one can decide for me.

The choice has to be made from my own mind and I have no direction for me to commit and move forward. What is there for me to do of meaning when nothing really sings to me. A calling will never come. Waiting won’t make things happen either.

I will have to make something happen. Not that I have a clear direction. I shall keep experimenting and search forever in this overwhelming maze of life. Why can’t I just focus on learning and playing?

To survive, everything seems to need a business/market value. It drains me and renders me hopeless, resigned, exhausted and outcast. I don’t want to get self worth from external sources – it’s not healthy nor sustainable on its own. All I can do is to keep managing, juggling, protecting my joy and getting by like everyone else.

Day 20: I’m not happy with these pages

I got them done at least. I showed up. That’s what’s important.

Reflecting on the last week of Kimo!

I do want to do this again next year! I can tell the effort and quality went down more than up as I just wanted to get something done as long as it’s a study. I didn’t have the luxury of time to work on everything better ;P But I got to the end and I hope to keep this up every week or so instead of a daily thing – I mean I did do some of the above in bulk too!

I’ll have to work it out as I do want to carve up time for other art shenanigans too and to not burn myself out. My health, happiness and the few people close to me in life are more important than solely working myself towards the forever moving “get good at art” target. There is no final destination anyway. It’s difficult when my tunnel vision and bouts of intense deep work periods gets me carried away so it’s something I need to keep managing. Making sure I there’s time to recover from my mini burnouts :’)

Anyhoo if you’re doing it too, see you next year ;D

Reflecting on more current things

I got a bit more rest since my last post :’)

Digressing! Still cleaning bit by bit as I finally got some organisational storage drawers for my traditional art stuff!! Been waiting for months for them! Slowly figuring out how to puzzle it all into a slightly better workspace – so far I end up staring at the mess and chaos but I’ve been thinking it over, rearranging and trying things to make it work. Had to throw out decades old nail polish I rarely ever used for instance. I’ll eventually get there and start using traditional art! I want to play with my art goodies without feeling overwhelmed!! :<

I’ll be trying out an art focus each day of the week again but I’ll also keep things flexible if one thing takes longer. Juggling between learning, studying and art making (on top of recreation, life, fixing my sleep and work) as usual. Shall continue to wing it according to my energy levels and I’ll keep trying day by day with my hermit life. Yes I’m repetitive but also reassuring and reminding myself here in the present as I write. :S

And I’m not emotionally, mentally feeling too great so :<

Let’s do our best and stay kind with ourselves and others.