SuperLeonieMode 348 / Even if it is hard to believe, let’s do what we can right now [self portrait]

SuperLeonieMode: Head empty, do your best one small step at a time anyway.

A deadpan, low energy thumbs up for you!

I feel like this is my default state. Non expressive face and tired most of the time :’)

Keep on struggling forward, taking one step at a time.

Ah I did this piece last year actually

Low/medium level stressing out

I’m also in panic mode, constantly internally screaming for the rest of this year because I’ve been notified that lots of online learning shenanigans that I’ve hoarded will be expiring later this year because I’m forced to stop hoarding, to use all of them at the same time and I can’t take my time with it anymore…why is it time limited now. I intended/wanted to take my time :<

I’m stressed out and overwhelmed about having to do all of it before it’s gone.

Consequently I won’t have as much time to finish off personal art, figure studies and write blog posts. I’ve got a lot of courses to handle in the coming 6 months – it’s pretty intense and overwhelming as I attempt to break things down. Oh no. Not sure if I can do it but I’ll make it happen. Somehow.

I guess this forces me to actually take notes from them and then when the deadline is over, I’ll go over it and do the homework properly and at my own pace because it isn’t very realistic or helpful to rush my learning process :’)

I don’t know how things will look like from here in terms of my art & blogging but I’ll document what I’m learning at this blog (with what I’m allowed to show)! Shall struggle and juggle as always and aim for weekly-ish updates I guess.

Ahhhhhh!!! :’)