Fanart / Pietro from Animal Crossing + MondayLeonieUpdate!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:

  • Pietro for SixFanarts? Plus ramble on self confidence & Pietro
  • Leonie Rambles:
    • Animal Crossing & games with peeps update!
    • personal update, interesting finds, finished watching the Final Fantasy VII Remake & a bit of The Sound of Music (2013) show thoughts

Pietro, my bold, colourful clown boy!

I don’t recommend this advice about confidence ;D

As you may know, what I do is just do the best I can and get energised by my own nervousness and anxiety :’) On the inside, I’m managing my doubts, feelings, fears, loneliness, disappointment, hurt and juggling with what’s important to me. On the outside people couldn’t tell. How could anyone.

Subtlety goes over my head most of the time so I couldn’t tell what others are feeling and are dealing with either on a day to day basis, but we’re all doing our best! Striving to not assume the worst of others, expecting rejection every time (since it’s often) nor be negative and hard towards myself, the best I can too :’) Oh the human brain of feelings.

I hope to focus on progressing, not rushing, not pressuring myself or on others, no expectations or blame upon myself or others, not being obsessively focused on what I want to get out of people/things/life, doing what is right and taking things in stride. Choosing to embrace who I am and the journey. Always learning to be more understanding, kind, considerate and patient. Enjoy the present moment.

How it’s better to be respectful, self-aware and honest with how I feel (when I feel they’ve earned my trust & respect) and focus on people and things that are important to me.

Be conscious and understanding when people aren’t mutually interested, invested or care with their actions and step away. Give people space and time. Not taking rejection personally if I can manage that, heal and move on. Actually be genuinely okay if they’re gone forever. Let them go. Most things don’t work out after all and it feels liberating to release all the pressure and expectations. Let things happen and develop naturally.

At the moment I believe confidence is to be brave and bold and true to your feelings, dreams, principles and values through your actions, no matter the results, doubts, distractions and scary obstacles. Trusting in yourself to keep going and find your own way. It’s difficult for me or for anyone to do but it feels like the most fulfilling way to approach the struggles of life. But what do I know. I’m just a quiet, ignorant hermit ;P

I’m not sure if I should include this as part of SixFanarts as I’m doing more of my villagers. I’ll probably pick one when I put it together :’)

Early stages for Pietro!

In the beginning when I first got him as my 1st random campsite villager I was surprised! I later learned that Pietro is popular and/or hated, just because he’s a scary clown :< I wasn’t sure of his smug, arrogant attitude at first but he grew on me!

I hope he keeps sharing his bold attitude around so it rubs off on me too! I’ve been told often that I should believe in myself more. I just want to focus on what I’m doing instead of worrying about how confident I seem haha

I relate so much to his facial clown make up aka mask – the tear, the smile and the heart here :’) Personally I use these emotes so much in text I guess because I’m a sappy, bittersweet, hurt butt, hiding in my turtle shell :’) ♥️

And why is the internet so mean to Pietro 🙁

Personal Ramble section!

Animal Crossing & game update!

Played lots of Animal Crossing as I figure out my island design and finally finished my dinosaur fossil collection. At the moment it’s at a standstill as I attempt to breed hybrid flowers and flowers are taking over everywhere! It’ll be flowers everywhere until I get all the colours one day!! I got much appreciated flower watering help from some kind peeps with some of the many the flowers and got a few successful hybrids! Yay and thank you!

Played some co-op Switch online co-op games with my regular gaming buddy! And did a few wonderful AC island visits and tours with two great peeps too! I enjoyed one to one chatting, talking about island progress and/or talking about random things with good company; thank you so much! I got super drained from the socialising so I had to recover like a low energy introvert afterwards :’)

I know these AC visits and conversations with said peeps during the past weekend probably won’t happen again (the goal was looking at each other’s islands after all, we don’t really talk in general outside of this and I don’t expect anything beyond it unless they’re keen to do some form of catch up/conversation again) so I made the most of their kind, encouraging company! Plus I wanted to bunch up online socialising together so that I have enough solitary recovery time ;D

Also Molly left, Walker took her spot, Kyle left yesterday and Molly is back again because she’s adorable <3 And then I realise Walker is creepy and just wanted to be smelled by Olivia…okay then D:

I’ll probably slow down with Animal Crossing now that I’m just doing hybrid flowers and leaving island development for another time. Well I *HOPE* to slow down! Hope is probably an optimistic word :’)

Personal updates

  • I got into an indoor accident involving a door slamming on my wrist. It hurt real bad and I was really upset. It’s mostly healed up now :’)
  • MOTHER tribute Pollyanna comic by 35 manga artists & writers with novels, essays, gags and illustrations
    • well known artists include: Nichijou mangaka, Pop Team Epic Mangaka, and Toby Fox
    • Not that I can read Japanese but maybe you can haha
  • “Entering the Animal Crossing Fandom like”
    • relate with being the player who has “too many hours + confused + how do I design this island that’s practical and good + how do I make/gift great stuff for my AC peeps”
  • watched lots of “quitting social media” videos
    • so I’ve blocked social media on my desktop and I’m keeping social media on a different device. Not being too active on instagram last week helped too. I might keep doing that!
    • cutting out some things and being more selective with what I watch since I watch a lot of youtube and twitch streams (in the background as I work or during breaks). It’s hard since it’s my parasocial company :<
  • New Horizons, Animal Crossing Sci-Fi Movie Trailer
  • Turnips for Dummies plus Turnip Prophet
    • just using it to track prices and I’m not making much profit since I don’t buy many turnip bundles anyway. Ah well I’ll keep making bells the long, hard way ;P Good for you, people with big AC friend groups who can get big turnip prices :’P
  • Watched The Sound of Music 2013 musical show
    • and it really lacked emotion, shouty at times and felt super rushed 🙁
    • I enjoyed Reverend Mother’s performance! I recognised Christian Borle and his great acting! The costumes and singing are mostly great! It just felt really mixed in the acting in general :0
  • finished watching the Final Fantasy VII remake
    • no spoilers! Just very confused with where they’d take it. It’s pretty and super well acted though! I’ll be happy to talk about this game if you’re done with it too haha
    • Jessie’s voice actor is great and fun and I recently heard her on a stream 😀

Anyhoo last week was a mixed bundle of stress and struggle for me unfortunately.

Alas, it is a new Monday, a new week! Thank you for graciously reading! Please take care and may you have a low stress week! (:

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