Fanart / Smiley tear with Pietro :’)

Where I ramble about Pietro some more

Smiley tear with Pietro :’) 🧡💛💙❤️💜💚

Yes another fanart of him as I try to get used to drawing this little colourful clown sheep ball that involves my frequently used emote :’)

Also some things I’m reminding myself as I often face judgement from myself, if not from others :’) And to be kinder and open minded with others too!!

And to forgive but not forget if people make you feel unworthy, uncomfortable, have disrespected you, don’t acknowledge nor speak up if you did anything wrong as I tend to make social mistakes with my undiagnosed autism. If they don’t have patience for me then I don’t have time or patience for them either :’)

Early stages! And ramble about Pietro

It was tight as I strove to finish this very late last night; I need sleep and I need to keep posts to once a week rather than twice if I’m struggling and pushing myself like this :< Next time I’ll just make it once a week whenever I’m struggling and not talk or make a big deal out of it like I am now. Ah well, I felt like it this time.

Anyhoo I completely understand why people are scared, uneasy, creeped out and/or uncomfortable with clowns in general, thanks to history, media, stories, experiences and entertainment. I don’t feel comfortable with real clowns either.

I do like Pietro though because he grew on me and he embraces himself and is proud of who he is (see my last fanart post about him). I don’t always agree with him, his self-centredness and smugness (within the limitations of the Animal Crossing personality types) but I respect him and how he boldly presents himself with his clothes, makeup and appearance (:

There’s a mixed bittersweet happy sadness that I often relate and feel from him too. But that’s just sappy, projecting and overthinking Leonie talking as I look at his clown makeup ;P

Well back to busy juggling for me! Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

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7 Comments on “Fanart / Smiley tear with Pietro :’)

  1. Pietro certainly has appealing factor to him. He’s definitely very unique!

    Please don’t push yourself too hard for these if you’re struggling with your current work load. 🙁