SixFanartsChallenge 01 / Ankha from Animal Crossing + MondayLeonieUpdate!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:

  • Ankha from Animal Crossing ramble
  • Personal update time: about Animal Crossing mostly ;D
    • ramble about Final Fantasy 7 Remake & other interesting finds too

Ankha from Animal Crossing!

Dedicated to Perky for his suggestion! Thank you so much for the generous support as a patron, for being a wonderful reader who often is the only one who leaves thoughtful comments on my blog and the kind, fun Animal Crossing times (his island is progressing great)!

I hope he gets Ankha one day for his island! 😀

Gosh I enjoy visiting & getting inspired by other people’s islands & their progress! And then we can give and send stuff and/or mail to each other haha ✨

Early stages! I had to tackle it many times :’)

I don’t have any emotional attachment to Ankha but she was tricky to draw! :0

Personal Update Time!

  • Deadly Premonition 2 release date trailer! Something I would definitely watch for the weirdness!! 😀
  • Animal Crossing 5PM Yung Bae Remix
  • How to get all rocks in Animal Crossing at the same spot
    • no island visits, gardening or terraforming anymore for a while as my island is full of mannequins! Attempting to spawn the rocks for 4 or so more days. Plus I had one rock spawn where I didn’t want it to :’)
  • More Animal Crossing Gardening/Flower guides [layout guide]
    • gah so much to do and blue roses are especially daunting!!
    • I just want to get more colours but it’s so time consuming and I don’t know if I’m doing it right :<
    • since I’m not a time traveler, I’ll have to do things over and do layouts properly after I terraform and get rocks back again :’)
  • Finally got around to watching a playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake! Note I haven’t played this or the original at all and I watched the playthrough of the original too long ago to remember most things. I’m not done and only just started the first several hours into it but spoiler talk if you’re afraid of that:
    • they fleshed out the world, Midgar, people and the music is wonderful. The character models look great, lip-syncing is not fully there though.
    • Barrett is cheesy cool/angry, I like Tifa and Marlene and the landlady
    • Jessie is pretty much lusting for Cloud and just goes for it. They fleshed out her backstory much, much more (I guess she’s a romantic player and actress?) And that peck on the cheek for passing the motorcycle test? Lots of hugging and lack of personal space with Cloud? And “full reward”????
    • In fact everyone seems hot for Cloud. Lots of Jessie, Tifa, Roche, Aerith flirting/crushing all over Cloud for that harem. Goodness lots of them act super anime, lots of over the top cutesy/flirty posing and they don’t talk like normal people (who says “sike/psych” that much??) It’s the “choose your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner!!” thing :’)
    • they know how to emotionally manipulate you with making characters endearing, sexual & attractive, making things fanservice-y and full of sexual tension, first person camera moments (so you’re the one getting seduced) & camera angles and giving you nostalgic music way too early on without it being it being earned. I’m just here for romantic moments and how they’ve changed and fleshed out the lore & story haha.
    • Avalanche is made to seem more goody here than in the original (at least with Barrett’s division)
    • I still don’t like Cloud as a character – he’s an edgy, rude jerk so far. And often he says no to things and then right after he gives up and says yes ;P He does cut through all the fluff at times and gets to the point (and making money) though.
    • that motorcycle bit with that speed demon guy Roche??? Apparently he’s a cut out character from the expanded lore added back in.
    • not a fan of the “Wedge is big, so he eats a lot and needs more food to keep going” kind of jokes but I do like his goofy character
    • game gets so horny, cheesy, homoerotic, silly and goofy and reminds me of Kingdom Hearts at places pffffft
    • the story is changed somewhat and there’s time ghosts/gas/dementors??? Swarms of them??? This is definitely not a remake but a re-imagining of the game and story altogether.
    • fun and entertaining to watch the sillyness; the side quests feels less interesting and repetitive though
  • Interesting that my auto Facebook page has more people following?! What did I do? I didn’t talk about it much?? :0
    • Or maybe it’s just that more people are online on Facebook? I don’t know, I don’t use that platform while I lose followers elsewhere :’)
    • Gah! I shouldn’t care too much about silly follow numbers (can’t help it sometimes as it’s the nature of social media)! I’m just happy I have a few people who still read my blog <3
    • Hello if you’re keeping tabs on my blog over there!
  • Played some Super Mario Maker 2 with a buddy 😀
  • Played lots of Animal Crossing of course and grinding the slow way for money with hot items ;___;
    • I think I’m sucked into the cult and time sink known as Animal Crossing haha. I’m burnt out from doing Nook Mile islands now :<
  • Special Performance of Cowboy Bebop’s “The Real Folk Blues”, proceeds from this track goes to CDC Foundation & Doctors with Borders
    • featuring Yoko Kanno, The Seatbelts/original band, original cast members listed in the Youtube description
  • “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight” by Tim Minchin
  • “Rainbow Connection” performance by Kermit the Frog late last month

Anyhoo thanks and may you have a wonderful day and week ahead! (:

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14 Comments on “SixFanartsChallenge 01 / Ankha from Animal Crossing + MondayLeonieUpdate!

  1. Oh gosh Leonie! You’re so sweet that my heart just can’t take it! 😭
    You’re such an amazing person that deserves so much and I’m so happy to support you in any way possible.

    If you want any help getting really pain in the butt flowers I’ll be happy to help you figure out a breeding plan or share some of the harder ones to get with you. There’s so much waiting involved for folks who don’t time travel.

    • Aw goodness no, you’re too kind and generous!! 😀
      That would be great! Still I can’t get into a flower breeding plan yet until some time next week at the latest as I wait for rocks :’)

      • Hehe, I just want to give you the support you’ve earned. 😊

        So what kinds of Flowers are you going after? For Roses I’m following the “Guaranteed blue rose path” on the flower genetics guide.

          • You’re a very silly person haha, but that’s a great part of you 😛

            So far, I’ve got about every Lily.

            I need a few Pink Tulips and I’ll have all of those. So I have a ton of tulips you can have to skip the 8-9 days or so it takes to get special Oranges/Blacks.

            My Mums haven’t been crossbreeding for some reason so not much I can help there.

            Rose Progression is quite slow. I have one Hybrid White so far and that’s about it.

            Other than that I’ve got Orange Cosmos and trying to get them to make Blacks.

            Not really touching Windflowers, Pansies, or Hyacinths at the moment. Maybe once I finish the others.

            • Haha ;D
              Ooh great progress with the flowers there! :0

              I need green mums (which is super hard),
              Tulips black and orange,
              Pansies purple,
              Roses all the hybrids,
              Windflowers purple,
              Hyacinths all the hybrid colours
              and I got all the lilies and cosmos colours mostly.
              I’ll just keep going at it on my own and if I’m really burnt out on in, I’ll ask for help :0

              • Thank you!

                You’ve certainly got a lot on your plate thanks to all of that (really cool looking so far) terraforming and rock placement. So please do ask if you need it, that’s what friends are for!

                • Aw thanks and noted! I need to terraform some more to optimise and make more room for flowers haha :’)

                  • It’s super impressive how much work you’re putting in. I can’t wait to see what your vision looks like realized. Good Luck! I know it’ll turn out great!

                    • Gosh thank you! I hope so; I get the case of island design envy especially early on with the game and people are showing off in youtube video island tours :’)
                      Then again, I’m just playing by ear and what I want really :0

  2. (Haha reply cap again)

    I get the island design envy too. It’s caused me to tear up some of the stuff you saw when you were there. I’m not the most creative. :<

    I try not to look at others islands cause of that. Except for your stories ofcourse. I really like those.

    • Gosh I’ll be destroying some things too, once all the rocks spawn :0 Our islands are a work in progress after all (:
      I did look at some videos so I can figure out what’s possible and now I’m watching tour videos sparingly as it’s getting samey.
      Aw thank you!! 😀

      • That’s true. I’m also pretty happy with how most of it is going. Just a big quarter of it I’m probably gonna flatten. Doesn’t help that I can’t find any furniture to fit what I want to make. @_@

        Anywho, Keep up the amazing work! Part of the reason I chose Ankha was because I wanted to see how her aesthetic works in your style. Your linework has such a delightful thickness to it and I knew it would pair well with the Ancient Egyptian aesthetic.

        It’s getting super late so good night and I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!

        • Furniture is hard yeah :’)
          Aw thank you for the insight on your Ankha suggestion! (:
          You take care too and enjoy your coming week! 😀