SixFanartsChallenge 03 / Doraemon + MondayLeonieupdate!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:

  • About Doraemon!
  • Personal update time:
    • silly hurt feelings vent
    • avoidant & anxious attachment styles
    • deciding how to best fit in studies
    • Final Fantasy VII remake thoughts continue
    • Autism vs ADHD
    • “By Jeeves!” musical thoughts & other finds
    • Art vs Artist 2020 generator
    • Ring Fit Adventure progress yay

Doraemon for SixFanarts number 3!

Suggested by my cousin! Hello! 😀 Thank you so much for treating me Korean food & good company ages ago!

Goodness I remember watching a few episodes of this anime as a kid :0 And recall knowing him as Ding Dong instead. And kept playing it on repeat until we got fed up with it haha

Have you watched the anime and/or read this manga?

Early stages

Personal Update time!

Gah hurt, sensitive feelings

  • Gosh I need to remind myself that if I had the choice, don’t hang around or worry about people who give you anxiety, are inconsistent, give low minimal effort, ghost you, don’t really want to talk, keep you second guessing, go hot/cold and make you uncomfortable, insecure, low in self esteem, doubtful, neglected and disrespected :’)
  • people who just aren’t really consistently interested in what you do, in communicating and how you’re doing as a person – you should stop caring about them Leonie. To be fair, I keep people at a distance until I feel I can trust them so in that light, who knows what other people are thinking :’)
  • I know it’s not the first time I mentioned this; I just need to stop wondering “what ifs” that go nowhere and accept things as they are. These silly thoughts keep coming back when I should have moved on ages ago :< I need to be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong when shown otherwise.
  • Muting and hiding my stuff is always an option and it’s evident I need to give myself some personal distance from people I don’t know well. Gah Leonie!! Stop having silly, sensitive feelings and hurt ego about people who don’t really matter.
  • I feel like it’s my lonely headspace, heavily dependent on online interaction at play here :’) This is why I’m indefinitely not checking my twitter feed, don’t use facebook at all and follow few people because I get emotionally overwhelmed and affected by the noise, mostly about people I don’t know well & what people publicly post about their lives. Don’t mind me.
  • That said, I think I have both the avoidant and anxious attachment types in that I need solitary personal space and distance myself until I feel I can trust and respect someone.
    • I don’t enjoy small talk either. So when I actually want to converse, I get easily discouraged when emotional investment, trust, effort, communication and interest aren’t there on the same page. This is often is the case so I feel rejected and sense that they’re distancing themselves from me and then I hide back into my shell again and distance myself in turn.
    • It happens to everyone I know, it just doesn’t get easier yet for me since I don’t often interact with people normally :’)

Deciding how to best fit in studies

  • because it’s fallen to the wayside thanks to me focusing on finished personal and fanart and I don’t think I can do a sketchbook post this month without burning myself out. Apologies :<
  • I might try something else next month and make it so that I’ll post study art more regularly somehow. Make it so that I’ll have to do more experiments and studies.
  • It’s tricky because I tend to go all in on one track and can’t switch lanes easily – hyper focus at play!! At worst I’ll just have to not do fanart or personal art at all so I’ll only focus on learning? Hmm 🙁
  • But I hope to intentionally mix in what I’m learning with fanart and personal art to make it more enjoyable for me. I’ll hopefully figure out a good balance and bundle things up to make sure I do both!! :0

Final Fantasy VII remake spoiler thoughts continue

  • Corneo and the whole dress up Cloud sequence was creepy, spectacular and entertaining – they nailed the Honeybee Inn shenanigans. How on earth does Cloud know how to dance?!??!
  • Sad feelings for Aerith’s hide and seek memory from the warehouse ghosts and then actually being found by Cloud and Tifa :’)
  • Warehouse with ghosts and sewer area dragged on so long!! The pacing is so weird as there’s a lot of draggy, filler and slow sections (padding?) At times it’s intense and other times it’s slow and boring. Sidequests aren’t interesting either
  • subtle thing at the sewers to make Cloud/the player choose between Tifa or Aerith
  • I love Tifa and Aerith’s casual bonding moments (:
  • interesting Rude & Reno fight
  • lots of plot ghost shenanigans and I don’t know where they’re going with this
  • Umbrella Corp (from Resident evil games) kind of human experimentation here
  • sadness and feelings for Tifa, Barrett, Marlene, Aerith’s foster mum backstory, Aerith, Wedge, Jessie, Biggs during the collapse. Mourning things and people who were lost
  • fight battles are probably fun to play but boring to watch :’)
  • Rude is very polite and does not fight or hurt ladies :0
  • dragged out “find Wedge” sequence a bit just so that you can shoot infinite ammo as Barrett

Miscellaneous updates

  • I actually logged into Facebook for a few minutes to clean up my automatic facebook page info and once again, I don’t really need it indeed!
    • for the few messages I did get, I got an email too so yep! I logged out of there quick; don’t need to use facebook at all 😀
  • Animal Crossing – imagine if there were quality of life updates (it makes me sad and mad as I really want these improvements :’) )
  • Autism vs ADHD differences
    • I relate with the struggles of acting what’s “socially acceptable”!! Also with processing information, having a one track mind and how it’s easier to just continue on with that thing! I definitely don’t have ADHD :’)
    • being often misunderstood and how I need time to process and can’t express feelings on the outside in the moment – so occasionally I act out what’s expected of me :’)
  • Watched “By Jeeves!” the musical when it was available and it was silly and nonsensical :’)
    • the introduction was odd and different
    • some songs and performances were good later on!
    • I forgot that Americans call jam, “jelly”!
    • there were some meh, slow bits and some good silly bits – not something I would watch again though. They even did a series of all the song numbers at the end as the Wizard of Oz characters.
  • Cats, School of Rock and Phantom of the Opera Broadway Mashup

Aw wow! Just tried out ArtStation’s ArtvsArtist generator yesterday ✨ [twitter post]

I didn’t think I’d do this but it was sweet & easy; only had to sort some pieces around!

Anyhoo, thanks as always for coming along & supporting my little art & life journey! I hope to keep growing better! Thanks especially for reading my blog updates!! 😭💖

I finally got level 202 (as of now) at Ring Fit Adventure!! Wooo!

I still hate and avoid their version of planking, mountain climbing and exercises that need much more room than I actually have :’)

But it feels great to be doing this everyday when able, just so that I feel less sore and horrible for sitting for most of the day :’) I hope to keep going with this or at least some form of yoga when possible :0! I need it or I’ll physically injure myself working and being sedentary :’)

Anyhoo thank you and may you enjoy your Monday and rest of your week! Stay safe! As for me, busy times ahead for me this month as I juggle things (:

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