SixFanartsChallenge 05a / Egbert from Animal Crossing + MondayLeonieUpdate!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:

  • Animal Crossing ramble
  • Personal update time:
    • Animal Crossing update & slides at my blog instead of instagram stories
    • Social media note; indefinitely not checking twitter feed
    • Thoughts on Brawlhala, the new Paper Mario game and CATS the musical

Egbert, one of my villagers from Animal Crossing!

Suggested by Lauren and much gratitude to her Animal Crossing excitement when it first came out! I chose Egbert first because he’s a wonderful laid back, lazy soul who loves bugs, pizza, food and durian <3

Note that I say “first” because I’m cheating with the SixFanarts challenge by doing more AC villagers later! I don’t have one favourite villager as I like them as a whole ;P

Egbert promised me that if he was huge, I would ride on his shoulder <3

And we’d travel across the lands to find all the good, fresh, sweet durian and food to eat together 😀 Aw yes!! <3

Personal Update Time!

Animal Crossing update here instead of Instagram Stories

I’m not posting to Instagram stories about my Animal Crossing adventures anymore because I got tired of it, of the social media grind and it’s not worth my time anymore. Essentially I’m making content that only lasts for 24 hours just to keep people using instagram and not my own blog. It’s too much commitment for little return :’)

Yes even though socialising, interacting, communicating is the whole point of social media, I’m very wary of the reality of how social media works with their attention economy. I don’t want to be “switched on”, available nor be posting/replying all the time publicly on social media for my own mental well-being. It’s too much ;___; Plus I got things I need to do!

If I want to update about Animal Crossing I’d want to do it here at my online home/blog and at my own pace instead, even though less people are likely to read! Thank you so much for reading if you are here! (:

It did feel super nice to see good friends and viewers coming by (ranging from 7 to 20 peeps because I have a small audience) and engaging with my silly AC quiz questions!! I got to connect with a few peeps who play AC! It’s been fun while it lasted!

Thank you so much if you were one of those viewers, it was very encouraging to see you there and enjoying my AC adventures!

Without further ado, here’s my key personal highlights below 😀

Finally I got all 6 rocks spawning where I want them to, after over a week of struggle and putting spooky mannequins all over my island! Woo!! No more things blocking my way!! I can garden and terraform again!! :’D

I also had to kick out Puddles, my only Peppy villager. She threw away the dress I gifted her in the recycle bin when she was gone and kept the other dress I gave her :’) I had to let her leave because Marina is coming! :0

Maple leaves started falling two days ago and it is sweet! No screenshots because I value privacy during catch ups (unless I got permission) but I also visited a friend’s cool island and had a wonderful time; thank you for having me if you ever, actually read this! Yes the magic of video games~! 😀

Social media note – indefinite twitter feed rest

That I’m going to continue not checking my twitter feed as you can see from “eternal tweet feed rest” next to my twitter name – I’m enjoying it too much! As much as I feel sad that I’m even more out of the loop, I feel so good not worrying, being insecure and overwhelmed about what other people are doing with their lives.

Someone said they think social media isn’t for me and as much as it’s the only way I “market” myself as an art hermit, it turns out I don’t really want to use too much social media as the years go by. So I think they’re probably right. I’m just done and realise that I’m not really a super, publicly, social person in general (on or offline) when it’s beyond one other person and it involves a larger group. Give me the occasional one to one catch ups & communication instead 😀

I’ll still check my twitter notifications and instagram feed since I intentionally follow the bare minimum amount of inspirational people that I can manage.

I’m just tired of the instagram, twitter and social media grind, being constantly interconnected with lots of people (very much like reality tv due to metrics) and distracting/comparing myself with the feed in general. Not using facebook and avoiding my twitter feed has reduced the anxiety in my life. And feel more happier, feel more present with life and I save so much time too! Yes this is another reason why I’m not posting AC instagram stories anymore. Happy to just keep it to art stories.

As a reminder, mutual friends and acquaintances can still reach me through email. Or discord if needed and if we’re connected there. Or reply to my art and blog posts where I update and document my progress. I’m not completely gone! It’s things as normal ;D

Updates and thoughts on trailers and videos

  • Tried the free to play version of Brawlhala with my regular gaming buddy and it was a lot of careless button mashing on my end :’)
    • Oof I should have used a controller as my arms and fingers hurt from using the keyboard!
    • It was fun though it got repetitive and you’re limited to a small selection of characters in the free version unless you grind for their currency or pay for the full content
    • some of the characters look samey so I kept mistaking myself for a different player :’)
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King trailer
    • I don’t know how to feel about it. If the only fun thing about it is the intriguing writing and the visuals, then I’ll just watch it :’)
    • most people just want a traditional RPG so I don’t know. Others just want Super Mario RPG 2. Many people want a proper sequel to Thousand Year Door.
    • Can’t please the long time fans at this point as they keep doing new gimmicks that aren’t necessarily fun like in Sticker Star and Colour Splash (or that’s what I hear about it ;P ). Both of these games apparently had great writing though – it’s the Tingle RPG game’s writer it turns out!! 😀
    • it looks promising at least – I just need to know more about this circular strategic gameplay :S
  • The Prince of Egypt “Deliver Us” promo in the West End
    • I don’t know about the casting, production and costumes as they seem to lack historical meaning and they’re super clean as slaves but the singing is quite good if you look into the youtube music playlist for this show
    • I ended up listening to a lot of the music, whoops!
  • Watched the 1997/8 filmed production of CATS the musical and I refuse to watch the recent film version
    • lots of sensual, acrobatic, flexible and diverse dancing, difficult choreography and singing
    • yes the song, Memory is super emotional and good and I listened to it a handful of times
    • very basic plot since it’s not the point of the musical; it’s essentially a unique dance and song performance (Rum Tug Tugger and Mr. Mistoffeles come to mind )
    • costumes and make up are great and intricate, the cast are super happy and into their roles
    • Jellicle – is just a word of endearment for cats apparently :’)
    • their acting and mannerisms of cats were very convincing
    • I don’t know if I took anything meaningful from it but it’s definitely different from typical musicals. Probably won’t watch it again haha
    • A cat is not a dog I guess ;D

See you next week!

I will struggle with juggling things this coming week so I won’t post again until next week. I think that’s wise since I only just managed to finish this post (I hope it’s readable!!) and I’ve been doing some contract work again probably just for this month :’) Thanks for understanding!

Thank you so much for reading, please take care and stay safe this week!

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  1. Being introverted and having to manage multiple forms of social media definitely seems stressful, but It was cool seeing your progress and participating in those little quizzes on instagram!