SixFanartsChallenge 04 / BMO from Adventure Time!

Little post for BMO

BMO from Adventure Time!

Suggested by Sumaleth and thank you so much for the ongoing support & kind advice emails way back when! And always watching out and letting me know whenever my blog links don’t work over the years :’) Best of luck with your game projects!!

Early stages!

I have barely watched a full episode of Adventure Time. At the time when it first came out, I didn’t have the time to watch and now I’m not interested in getting into it :S So I have no idea what BMO’s character is like or what role he plays in this show.

Anyhoo take care for the rest of the week and stay safe! (:

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5 Comments on “SixFanartsChallenge 04 / BMO from Adventure Time!

  1. Adventure Time was a pretty good show. Fans got a bit too crazy about it and the ending wasn’t very satisfying (Things not having proper closure really get to me), but the show itself was pretty good. It had a strong impact on the current trend of cartoons at the time too.

    BMO themselves were hilarious. They had a really unique way of looking at the world around them that was super charming.

    • Yeah I think some of the fans played a part in my losing interest in it. It really had a strong impact on subsequent cartoons :0
      Oh I see! I took a quick skim read on the wiki about BMO and it’s quite extensive!

      • I totally understand. It was one of those shows with fans that were just too much.

        The creators really put their all into it to create a living world full of detailed characters. Even secondary characters like BMO received tons of love.

        • It makes sense since with an episodic animated series, there’s plenty of room to flesh out all the characters 😀

          • It’s also just under 200 episodes. Which sure it a lot of room haha. Plus the new 4 episode mini series coming out soon.