SixFanartsChallenge 02 / Kate Libby from Hackers (1995)!

In this little post:

  • A little ramble about this piece :0

Kate Libby from Hackers (1995)

Suggested by James Everett! Much thanks to his kind support and I still remember how welcomed I felt when we briefly met at NZGDC 2017! 😀

Early stages!

I have not watched this film so I only read a wiki summary and watched some youtube clips for reference 😀 I chose this outfit because frankly, I could see the clothing more clearly than the complicated sleeveless trenchcoat shown prominently in other low resolution references.

So two out of six done for SixFanarts! I’m still working on them :’)

Well that’s all for now! Please stay safe and enjoy the rest of your week!

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8 Comments on “SixFanartsChallenge 02 / Kate Libby from Hackers (1995)!

  1. Nice work! I remember being super confused when I saw Hackers as a kid. (My Aunt owned a chain of video rental stores so I saw a bunch of movies I shouldn’t as a kid haha.)

    I swear Angelina Jolie was in everything in the 90s-00s. No idea what happened to her, but I knew quite a few people with huge crushes on her.

    • Oh it’s a mature film, gotcha haha
      She still does a few movies and raising her kids I think? I don’t know or follow celebrity news :’)
      Gosh I’m sure there’s plenty of crushes! My first movie I saw of her was the Tomb Raider movie.