Mario Strikers / Princess Daisy + timelapse! 🌼πŸ’ͺ

Little timelapse!

I did this sketch when I played and tried out Mario Strikers Wii but updated her clothing to the latest Switch game instead.

Mario Strikers Wii was fun in that I can just keep button mashing and win sometimes if I’m lucky hehehe

Yeah I’m not good at these games and I lose interest after a session or two ;P

Goodness I already got some dislikes on my youtube video for some reason! Ouch I hate seeing that as much as I want to ignore it! As long as the majority doesn’t dislike it, I’m okay??!

I hope I can one day desensitise myself from these negative metrics. I don’t know if that will ever happen though, given how long I’ve been doing this “posting art on the internet”. Instead I have to block it from view/ make my browser window smaller where possible because I can’t hide it in Youtube Studio. They like to shove metrics in my face whether I want it or not :’)


I tried the demo for the latest Mario Strikers game before it came out and it’s not for me. I did ramble more about my experience at this blog a while back at the time too.

It was fun illustrating this though!

Personal update rambles & I’m taking a posting break next week

So my eyeballs are okay after scanning inside them, actually going outside to do errands drained me out of energy, taking a bus felt weird and tense after so long and I’m too anxious and germaphobic to eat at a food court :<

Splatfest happened and I can never seem to play with other random people on my friends list so that didn’t work out + getting disconnected lots too. I guess I can’t depend on wifi as a stable connection – might need ethernet cables *if* it can be done :<

I don’t know much people in my tiny circle that plays it either. Ah well I’m not too bothered about that. I might hide my online status to more people then because most people are hiding it from me or they don’t play when I’m on ;P

And was stressed out about things and online security so that took a chunk of my weekend + not all places can be sorted out :/ And food/meals that I was looking forward to sadly didn’t happen. Plus I want to make time to do my own thing with life, art and learning but so much life admin, my own lack of energy/focus and distractions got in the way whenever I do have my own time!!

Ahh I feel behind and overwhelmed with many things!!

Consequently I’m considering taking a break. And also taking a posting break next week since I haven’t done much breaks this year aside from my bday week! And that last one was 3 months ago!! I was *supposed* to take a week off every 1-2 months but I haven’t been doing that and now I need to reign things in before I burn out terribly again! I mean, I’m already exhausted for a while now :’)

Thank you for understanding! I need to pace myself and actually *schedule* posting breaks from now on to prevent/minimise this from happening again or too much! Note that posting breaks will be happening loosely every 6 weeks as I juggle things around!

Anyhoo! Thank you for reading and super grateful for the generous support from my small handful of patrons!

I still have to be frugal as usual but it really helps fund a small part of these expensive courses and books that I’m slowly going through as I keep working at it! Thank you for the support of all kinds!

I hope this week will be a good, low stress one for us all! Though I have to try out a new doctor this week, eep! I really hope this one works out :0