Fanart / Wuxian from The Legend of Hei

Wuxian – 无限 [ 罗小黑战记 / 羅小黑戰記 / ロシャオヘイ戦記 ]

This was doodled while I had XRiverN’s hair animation Drawfest2 demo in the background!

I didn’t really do the animation demo (I’m not keen to be an patient hand drawn animator) so I didn’t tweet it at the time as it felt irrelevant. Yeah I’m a sensitive, petty, sad snowflake who opted to write and post at her own tempo instead ;’P

Note that I haven’t read/watched the series or movie. It seems heavily focused on how everyone has their own motivations/world ideals (escalated to the max), cool fighting/action scenes and environmental themes?

Here I’m just having a struggle go at drawing this character ;D His design is pretty solid and deceptively simple too. Aw yes historical chinese clothing!!

Also I’m having monthly, horrible pains, sleep schedule is all over the place and dealing with irritating, stinging eczema flare ups so I feel like a tired, grumpy, irritated, slow blob. Ah pain and suffering. I don’t feel like I can be productive right now :'(

Let’s all manage things as best we can :0!