StudyPost 23 / Winter outfit for the Drawfest2 prompt + 1 hour real time drawing video!

I managed to record it in real time, 1 hour and 8 minutes without sound!

Leonie panicked and attempted some rough, embarrassing studies. Witness my art struggles from last night.

I’m not sure if I’ll do little, muted youtube recordings and/or streams similar to this in the future but I’ll wait and see on how this video goes. I don’t know if I’m brave and bothered enough to stream in short 1 hour bursts but we’ll see~!

It also depends if I can make potential study or art streams work. Currently I don’t think I have time and energy to make streaming a regular thing. Maybe a random thing?

For the most part I’d rather have it prerecorded like this so I have more control, have it alongside my blog posts and I can space things out :0

Happy cosy times! Why am I doing this when I’m from the Southern hemisphere ☀️

It’s not summer for me; why would you wear winter clothes in the summer?!

Yeah it’s clear that this event is for Northern hemisphere people.

I noted that this piece didn’t get boosted and isn’t as popular because it doesn’t compare with the lovely, amazingly drawn/painted anime or chibi girl illustrations (and maybe other reasons too?) Is the mistletoe not allowed? Are they giving more of a spotlight on other artists instead? Is it because I made lots of mistakes? It’s not appealing? Who knows!

Ah well.

I’m not trained in speed painting or speed drawing and I’m not trying to lean completely into anime/manga art styles (mismatching art styles) so I’ll cut myself some slack :<

It hurts if people don’t vibe with it but it is what it is! What I do isn’t for everyone and I can’t take it too personally if I can help it. Sometimes it feels like everyone doesn’t like what *I* want to do because there’s no professional/monetary demand for my work (indeed I’m both catastrophising and half believe it). At times I equate it to the worth of my art or even my self worth to the detriment of my self esteem and confidence.

Ultimately it means I haven’t found my way (or maybe I just don’t fit in anywhere for any project) with my interests, sketches and illustrative work and I have much to learn and experiment.

For this session, I did winter outfit studies anyway! It feels weird because I was trying to stay cool with the fan on in real life haha

Anyway I panicked but I wasn’t bogged down as much by my performance anxiety. I tried my best with my 1 hour limit. And I had no set plan at all, I just scrambled and drew from reference while most people are definitely focused on anime/manga art styles (during the few minutes of peeking at what other people were doing). I’m definitely out of place here – I don’t belonggg here :’)

I got some mileage though and had a fun, focused 1 hour challenge, allowing myself to stuff up, fail, live with what I’ve got around the time limit and see what happens!

Thank you so much on the kind reception for my tiger studies!! That one got twitter boosted and I’m grateful. I‘ve never had that much attention in ages – it’s really thanks to the boost and I guess the tigers were cute :’)

It’s somewhat encouraging for me to do more things like this in the distant future! Perhaps on a random basis since the engaged portion of my audience fluctuates and stagnates most of the time? For now I won’t bother with *regular* real time recordings and/or streams. Why am I adding more to my plate? I got distracted away from what I was supposed to be doing! I can just hide away in my hermit studying bubble as usual ;P

Whenever I have the opportunity and time to, I’ll experiment and make things to the beat of my own drum and see what’s working for me. As usual. Yeah I’m just trying to reassure myself here.

So feedback is definitely welcome! Should I do more quiet art and study streams or recordings? Maybe nobody’s interested anyway. I’m not expecting any responses – at the least I’m talking to myself here :’)