Character design & illustration / Midnight the witch + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • A bit of illustration process!
  • LeonieUpdate and some interesting finds!

Final sketch!


Close up!

Midnight the Witch!

Created her while I was studying and playing around with witch-esque references (:

Little Monday LeonieUpdate time!

Apologies that I’m not doing patron sketchbook posts until next year as I’m playing things by ear: making an art buffer, learning, life, housework, work, games and personal art. I will get back to it on a weekly to fortnightly basis when I feel ready to.

I’m also pausing the LeonieArtRambles podcast indefinitely because I think I should focus on art learning and life. As experienced before, it feels like I’m spreading myself too thin, making podcasts is time consuming, it’s just a little side project with not much of an audience and I’ve lost steam at the moment. I do appreciate the small handful of listeners though! I just don’t want it to make it a regular thing but more of an occasional, random kind. My default will be sticking with smaller blog posts when I want to learn and discuss about art topics. I’ll continue it when it feels right to me and I have a big topic to chew upon again (:

Autism rambles

  • Autism: Seeking Social Validation: What are the rules?
    • I think I’ve trained myself since I was a kid to conform, mask myself, look for cues and/or just be quiet when it comes to groups with authority – sheep theory then? Group think? Survival?
    • the unspoken social rules usually confuse me too so I keep my confusion to myself unless I feel safe and emotionally supported to ask about the obvious without annoying others
    • I wouldn’t really think of what other people are thinking if I don’t care about them ;P
    • I don’t really stick with the collective/majority for long if it doesn’t gel with me
    • it’s best to have a good mix of caring what people think (so there’s social understanding and awareness) and not caring too much so that you don’t sacrifice your own values
  • a good twitter thread on autism issues!
  • Pixar Sparkshorts: Float (2019) (spoiler wikipedia article) and spoiler ramble:
    • it’s so wholesome; recommended! It’s the director’s personal story about a Filipino American family where it reflects his experiences, internal conflict and finally acceptance of having an autistic son, represented by the power of floating (:
    • what’s super unrealistic is how other parents and kids are so quiet and passive (since it’s not part of the storytelling)
    • gosh that backpack of rocks reminded me of my heavy backpack of textbooks and stuff :’) It probably made me permanently short in height growing up ;P
    • the “why can’t you be normal?!” hurts in a bittersweet way because there is no such thing as “normal” and regardless of how much you pretend or mask yourself – there’s always people who will reject you, ghost you, dismiss you, overlook you, put you down, disappoint you, avoid you, give you lots of white lies and/or care little about you
      • for those people I would minimise their part in my life or cut them out of my life if possible
    • it’s an active learning journey of accepting each other as they are :’)
    • And I wish I could float ;P

Interesting finds

Thanks so much for reading!

My Monday’s going to be busy with some impromptu one day worth of work and it’s the last day of November too! :0

I hope your Monday goes well and may you have a good, wholesome first week of December ahead! (:

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