BurpStickers 2018: CatBlobs and more Collection! Reflecting on the journey

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

It’s been a while hey?
Just some of the Sticker Designs I made for this project!
Well the ones I have left to give out anyway…the rest are below 😉
Oh if you’re keen on purchasing these BurpStickers & supporting my work, head over to my RedBubble!
Though it’s not much and I don’t expect sales honestly.

The Social Media Shenanigans [if you missed it]
LiaSae & AussieBen cats
MrChad’s Aslan the cat
kindofstrange’s Harley the cat
VerbVirus’ Pnin the cat
TinManNeil’s cat
Gaohmee & Emre’s Tank the cat
Kath’s cats & BWHolland’s cat
Polycount, ohyoufox, Pepper cats
Lucy’s cat, Ryan’s dog, Ben Bunny
Scott’s, Mel’s and Liam’s cats
Scottish fold & Hamster
Switch Cat, Mighty Games Cat, Hipster Whale Cat [tributes]
Colours of the Rainbow Cats
Pride Panda Cat & Love Cat
Gift Cats for Liam, Kalonica, Kristy and Lauren
BearCat Me?
VectorBurpQuest through cats: the Refection!

The Social Media Shenanigans (if you missed it)

#BurpDoodle @LiaSae’s cat!
Not a sticker but I still like it enough to show it!
Repurposed from the MeowBurpDoodles studies!

#BurpStickers repurposed from studies of @AussieBen’s cat
I hope you like these Ben! BurpSticker gifts for 2018 in progress! ^o^

Introducing CatBlob #BurpStickers featuring @AussieBen’s friend
I’ve been giving vector art one last struggle since March.
Been figuring an art style that *I* liked for so long since the cat studies last year.
I used Affinity Designer over Illustrator. And CatBlobs are what happened :’)

#BurpDoodle @MrChad’s Aslan art!
I liked this due to the shape but it’s not a sticker.
I cannot print out everything I make…it’s expensive already to make, design, print these to gift to people :’)
Will gift to kind peeps when printed & ready!
Probably sell them on RedBubble if people miss out & are keen.
Should I put this one on RedBubble or no?

Afterword: Chad said yes ^o^

#BurpStickers @MrChad’s Aslan from my studies! 
Contentment! I can’t unsee the top right one…where the tail is a pudgy thumbs up :’)
PS: I’ve made 59 sticker designs already so brace yourself these 5 weeks! Please note what your favourites are ;D

#BurpStickers Aslan CatBlob for @MrChad 
I hope to get this to you by Games Week at the latest? Currently printing :’)
I’m not going but all the best with the upcoming Freeplay Festival!!

#BurpStickers from my studies of @kindofstrange’s cat Harley
Picked out these three! Just feline happiness.

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @kindofstrange
Look at that fluff gosh! I don’t know how to get these sticker gifts to you…!
Let me know Tara!

Afterword: She was so lovely to actually buy some of her cat’s stickers from RedBubble instead! Thank you! <3 I think that’ll be the only sales I’ll get haha

#BurpStickers from my study of @rennihammer’s cat
Curled up Snuggles! I need to get these stickers to you eventually! D:

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @rennihammer
I am enjoying using Affinity more than Illustrator so…
look at this cinnamon bun!

#BurpStickers CatBlob featuring Tank [for @Gaohmee & @Emre_C_Deniz]
I hope to give this to each of them…eventually!
Thank you for being graciously kind & supportive to me :’) <3

#BurpDoodle of @VerbVirus‘ Pnin
I really like the eyes and the blobby head but I had to let this one go :’)
The Patterns became too weird the more I stared at it ~_@

Consequently I didn’t post this one on social media.

#BurpStickers from my studies of @VerbVirusPnin
I love these even though the fur patterns were once again a battle to simplify and play with in vectors :’) I like how they turned out!

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @VerbVirus, featuring Pnin the cute cat
Stuff it, I did what I liked with the patterns 😉

#BurpStickers from studies of one of @Seakla’s cheeky cats
I don’t know which of her three cats this is in name but so adorable!

Afterword: the first one is Bella and the second is the late Malak. Rest in peace. 🙁 <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob for the lovely @Seakla 
Hullo! I hope you like these; sending hugs your way <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @BWHolland 
I hope to get this to you eventually :0
There’s a mistake on the stickers themselves but shhh

#BurpStickers CatBlob featuring @polycountPirate’s cat
Again, please note your favourites as I will gift what I can afford to kind peeps or you can buy these from RedBubble once these are all published ^o^
PS: Please note I’m not re-purposing every study I’ve done into stickers – personal project it may be, it’s very time consuming & expensive…done at a time and financial loss to myself :’)

#BurpStickers CatBlob for the ultra fancy @ohyoufox
I hope to give you this eventually! (:

#BurpStickers CatBlob featuring sweet @pepperpkitty [for @mighty_rhiannon]
For the incredible Mighty lady!
It’s become cat month again hasn’t it in my posts…whoops! 😉

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @lucyamorris, Nami the cat
Hope to give this to you eventually, inspiring lady! <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @mulletdulla
Shhh. Definitely a cat 😉

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @BenBritten
Double shhhhh!
Ben, thank you for the heart warming gifts of morning hot chocolate ♥

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @ScottBeca
Well drew him before so why not again for my work buddy and his wife 😉
Much gratitude to both of you!

#BurpStickers CatBlob for Mel
Look I know it looks like a raccoon but this is how it is 😉

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @LiamEsler
I made this after your cat! I hope to give this to you <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob featuring a Scottish fold
For my brother (:

#BurpStickers CatBlob Yeah Nah
I think this is a Hamster Sticker now. Hehehe

#BurpStickers Switch CatBlob Switch!
A tribute! So I won’t be selling this one on RedBubble!

#BurpStickers Mighty Games CatBlob!
To gift to Mighty peeps <3 Not for sale on RedBubble.
Might have some remaining though? Or not.

#BurpStickers Hipster Whale CatBlob
Gift to some Hipster Whale peeps!
Again, not official company stickers so not on RedBubble.

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobs: Red & Pink
I wanted to go full colour spectrum now 😉

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobsOrange & Yellow
Apparently just getting one makes you want to get the rest.
Let’s see about that. 😉

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobsLeafy & Green
I didn’t expect them to turn out so good :0

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobs: Aquamarine & Sky Blue
Made this set so there’s super colourful cats not based on real cats (:

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobsMidnight & Indigo
All the blues! Recoloured!

#BurpStickers Rainbow CatBlobsViolet, Purple & Maroon
If you want the full set of 13, you’d need to get them from my RedBubble. 😉

#BurpStickers Rainbow Pride CatBlob
In support of my friends ❤❤❤

#BurpStickers Love & Kindness CatBlob
Sending you all the warm fuzzy feelings of love, hugs and goodness!
Things will be okay ❤

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @LiamEsler
Uh I need to give this gift to you too inspiring soul <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @Kalonica_
These are gift stickers so I’ve printed them just for the person & not for handing out 😉 I hope to catch up again to give you this lovely buddy <3

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @Kristy_kate
Gift for my hard working, supportive art buddy! <3
Much love and hugs!! ^o^

#BurpStickers CatBlob for @laurclinn
Gift for the shining light of love & hope <3
Finally I can hand them out, now that almost all the stickers are revealed! Yay!
I’m gifting stickers from my birthday month onwards I guess. :’)

#BurpStickers Leonie BearCatBlob
Oh it’s me. I’m lonely and last :’)
My Reflective Blog Post for these stickers:

I made two more gift cats but I think I’d keep them private (:

Remaining passable glossy square #BurpStickers to gift to kind people I might meet!
All else is gone or saved away to gift later…so see you around! 😉
Gosh I stare & am reminded of my newbie printing mistakes .___.


VectorBurpQuest through Cat Stickers: the Reflection!

This is/was my last attempt at vector art learning…on my own projects actually.I started in late March after a lot of procrastinating. As I needed to make use of the cat studies I did in December.

I trialed Affinity Designer and I liked it better than Illustrator.
I had Illustrator CS6 at home and it wasn’t pleasant for me to work with. And I refused to get my own Adobe CC…I can’t afford paying a monthly service fee for software.

Affinity Designer crashed on me a handful of times though.
Still I bought it because it felt much more user friendly and I got used to it.

I was and am also battling the weight of existential dread and a long running creative rut….as you may know. I was debating on what I wanted to do versus what I needed to do. Wants versus needs. And vector art is a “good to know for work” despite having other things I enjoy doing more. I haven’t been doing much vector art for work either [well until last week] so I have to bite the bullet and practice in my own time if I actually wanted to improve at it.

Can I really do it? And I had to finish what I started.
The vector art I did during Global Game Jam was under pressure so I wanted to have my last go at personal vector art practice under different circumstances. And then I can just let it go until I need to actually use it for something.
Plus I intended to make some BurpStickers with vector art this year.

So here we are!

Worked on this on and off for almost 2 months and spent too much time going against the resistance, figuring out a new program, how to design things and nitpicking the art style throughout. I hated what I was doing. Kept pushing through it. Got exhausted. I took a break in the middle as well because I needed it. Glad I did.

Hey, self care is really important. Learning does make me happy and fulfilled but only if it’s with clear purpose, enjoyment for myself [and not solely to please others] and it’s not overwhelming and stressing me to the point of deteriorating my own self worth.

It’s no good if you are frustrated as an artist and you’re forcing yourself to do something in your own downtime. Time allowed me to feel a bit more at peace with things. Sure I am not enjoying it but it’s okay and I’m learning some things. I’m gaining some confidence with vector art…slowly.

I didn’t want to worry whether people liked or wanted them at the time. Because as much as I appreciate and admire them enough to create and gift stickers for them, this journey is not about them.

Nor is my hardwork, time, expenses, struggles, despair, losses, mistakes and existential dread important or relevant to anybody. I don’t think people care about that side of things.

I know friends and acquaintances usually don’t like what you do enough to actually buy your services and products or attend to your events/talks/gatherings/etc. Life gets busy and you’re not a priority or something they truly care about. They have closer friends, significant others and family. That’s the harsh reality.

But some will support you anyway in spirit if they care enough…that I’m grateful for. (:

I can’t say anything myself when I don’t initiate things…in person social connection is not a habit for me because my energy levels are super low but I cherish them when it happens <3

People usually just focus on the goals and results and work backwards to skim over the journey. There’s so much demanding one’s attention and time so it’s to be expected. Life right?

As many people say, no one cares as much or even half as you do.

Hey I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t know how things will work out.
Maybe people will actually buy some [Tara did at least!] but I don’t expect it.

I just knew I had to finish it. My desire to get it done drew me back in again. Yes this is not smart business but hey I’m stubborn ;P
I want to get things done if I believe in it…whether I enjoy it or not.

Eventually when I started making CatBlobs, I grew to like more what I was creating. Especially since it’s beyond the cat studies I’ve done already.

The “oh I don’t hate it myself or my work as much” stage. I’m not sure about the process itself but the freedom to tweak curves in vectors makes it annoying too. It’s easy to mess things up, especially seemingly simple and minimalistic designs.

It seems quick and cute but it’s been time consuming for me to tweak every. single. sticker. I had to stop tweaking so I can move on most of the time. Mistakes happened but hey as they do.

I planned 100+ stickers from studies,
ended up making up 63 stickers and it went down to the finished 59 stickers…whoops.

Am I more confident with vector art?
Well this sort of art style, yes. There’s countless styles! So not really confident in general…I need several years under my belt first. Maybe I’ll test out another art style if I ever feel like pushing myself in vector art again. That’s struggle for another day though…for and during work!

I really like how clean, flexible and scalable vector art illustrations are though.
I feel like I’ve finished something! I like how CatBlobs turned out!
It took me long to design a vector art style I can go by. Once that got established and ironed out, it flowed faster for me.
Once again, I hate it less 😉 I appreciate vector art more.

Now that I’ve done the art side of things, one big repeated lesson remains with me. Is that I won’t force myself to learn something if I’m not enjoying it or having fun with it during my attempts. Work may have exceptions but especially if it’s my own personal time. It’s been happening a lot as I tried, learned and struggled with different things. My self confidence in myself as an artist and person has taken a battling.

I did not protect my “fun” recreational/creative time, as they put it.

When you’re struggling and being terrible at something…how bad do you really want to do it? Are you enjoying the frustrating and tedious sides of it as well? The journey? Is this important enough to take as much time as you need to grow? Or is there something else that sings to you more? Too much choice and impatience sometimes creeps up on me because thanks to social comparison, you’re always feeling like you’re not enough as an artist and a person.

But I’ll keep working on it though. Self awareness.
I’ll learn to be more at peace with how things are right now.

And then this happened:

I’m sorry about the BurpStickers gifts 🙁
It was a matter of “Why did their site keep transforming most of my images into having white & not the original transparent backgrounds?” Thought it would be okay since I could overlap them…my mistake.
Have definitely emailed them this morning but I think it’s too late. 
I’ll attempt to gift them as planned but they’re probably not to be used as stickers anymore .____.
People aren’t bothered to cut around stickers like I do :'(
I’m just somewhat upset 🙁
I guess attempting to fit many designs into sticker sheets aren’t for me…it’s too fiddly and risky for me as a newbie. I was tempted to cut every single sticker out myself but it’s too much pain and work to my hands. Expensive lesson for me I guess; this is what I get for being a newbie at sticker sheets :’)
Only afterwards I learned some things from the experienced Bea’s input too; thank you!

The printer eventually got back to me and told me that they don’t do transparent sticker sheets on their website…it was a custom thing. But I didn’t want transparent stickers. I wanted kiss cut stickers. Plus it was not clear to me when I ordered. As the site actually processed and made some of the stickers into kiss-cut ones. Which is exactly what I wanted.

Still it’s all my fault. I had no idea how clear you have to be with the printer with sticker sheets, outlines and cutlines as the site made it so easy to just put your raw images into their website’s sticker sheet maker 🙁

I was trying out a more expensive quality printer this year too.
My ignorance has cost me greatly.

As with anything with RedBubble, most of the expenses go into making the stickers; I don’t really get that much on my end. Most people would say ordering from good quality printers and shipping them myself is much more profitable…but I’m not making them with the mindset of making money with these. They’re not in demand. No one actually wants to buy these stickers.
I’m not a convention person either ;P

Hey I designed and printed these so I can learn vector art, gift them to friends, acquaintances and people kind enough to talk to me whenever I am actually at social things. Well…whether they care or not <3They’re gifts first and foremost so I guess that’s why they’re not commercially in demand.

I’m not striving to sell them as my main goal as I know people won’t actually pay me for these. Look I haven’t gotten much sales with stickers in general…financially and business wise, my hundreds of hours here isn’t worth it.

People who actually know me may[?] feel gratitude or may support and encourage me [which I definitely appreciate whole heartedly].
But they won’t buy these – that’s the reality.
They’re gifts in the end.

I’m just learning at my own loss every time I make stickers but this time I’m somewhat ashamed of my own stickers because my printing mistakes are blaring back at me :’) They’re “Shiny paper” now.

And I’ve burnt out on learning vector art for my own personal work. I even deleted all the videos recording me doing them…I don’t want to make a timelapse from them. I’m done right now. I’ll need some exciting purpose for me to go through it all and do something with it again.

A break is needed. ;P

Oh! Also I super respect people who do merchandise art, I have too much to learn as a newbie!

Anyhoo creative wise, I can move on.
I did it! The frequent cat sticker art is over for now!

Thank you so much for reading and see you around!

I’ll just continue fighting & figuring out my life and art.
And curl up into a ball for some quiet time with existential dread :’)

Gosh I should probably check on social media soon too before I go on another break again.