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Strabbys from Bugsnax! [YoungHorsesGames]

N o t h i n g w e i r d g o i n g o n h e r e

O n l y B u g s n a x

“Strabby!!” 🍓✨

This game makes me hungry 😂


Game is best played and experienced without too much prior knowledge! So skip the following if you don’t want spoilers:

I watched a playthrough (they *really* loved it and cackled with joy) and saw the ending with different streamers while doing work. I enjoyed the writing, story, mystery, horror, character arcs, relatable feelings, character illustrations and little wholesome love stories (:

It’s not my kind of game to play and the muppet mutations (and they were happy about it?!) weirded me out – as the devs intended. You can tell that they put a lot of heart and care in this game! Everyone loves the Bunger and Bopcicle (who sounds like it’s swearing) haha

This game is a lot about acceptance, communication, honesty, teamwork, being true to yourself and facing your fears (:

There seems to be some buggy bits (if you look at speedrunning videos) and the whole bugsnax catching parts were repetitive and tedious (as a watcher at least). Chandlo and Snorpy are most wholesome (:

The bad ending makes it all even more dark and depressing whereas the true/good ending hints at a sequel and is full of finished character arcs reliant on completing off all the side quests. I guess Filbo and “Filbo’s buddy” might be back? Hmm!

I know there’s a lot of fanart of them but Strabbys are so cute to draw!! ;D And the song is stuck in my head in the past week; halp!

Anyhoo, thank you for reading this little post! May you have a wonderful day and rest of the week!

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