Fanart / The Power of Coffee with Crossy Road Chicken [Crossy Road “At Home” update]!

Initial messy sketch: Yes the Cat In the Box is right there…hiding in that box ;D

The Power of Coffee with Crossy Chicken! ☕️

Featuring all the 8 playable characters for the “At Home” Crossy Road Update! I did this fanart during October for the fun of it :’)

I’m not a coffee person but this is totally how coffee works right? It’s magical for those who enjoy it ;D

Hey I’m not a coffee person ;P

Finally here’s a cute Animal Crossing Bubblegum K.K. cover by Minimel and Super Mario Odyssey Medley by the Wind Orchestra I stumbled upon!

Anyhoo, thanks for reading and please take care this rest of this week (:

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