UUUinfinity comic: Roadkill Art

Roadkill Art

Glad I had the sense to not run over to the road when cars were about to run me over. I’ve had many other clumsy closer calls but those are irrelevant. I remember feeling like throwing the huge A1 thing away. People on the other side of the road also just stood there in shock and hands over their mouths as the thing got run over. I didn’t bother looking at the drivers’ expressions as I was staring at my poster getting run over but I guess they didn’t care haha

It was a cardboard poster I made that I wasn’t proud of anyway. It was a rush job I did taking an all nighter to do and thus it wasn’t very well planned. It does have tyre tracks on it still and for some reason it’s still being kept somewhere. I’d like to reuse it and take off the stuck on poster parts I did I guess but the occasion never has happened so far.