SuperListenMode: Am I in the Games Scene??

SuperListenMode: Am I in the Games Scene??

I don’t feel like I am a Game Developer plus there’s so many hats to this industry! But I’m at peace now. I’m no longer feeling insecure when it comes to “being in the know” with the evolving games industry, community, networking and what’s already out there. It’s full of cool, inspiring people.

Trust that I’ll find out organically through kind people anyway.
Uh…you’d tell me right? If you feel it’s relevant to me? 😉 <3

Still I probably miss out on hundreds of opportunities regardless. Who knows.
It happens. There’s always people better at art, socialising, personality-wise, business and so on than me. As well as people less lucky than I am.

So hey, I am grateful I am alive and well with the privilege to be quietly around smarter, kind people <3

I might not feel like I belong anywhere but at least I’m me!
Gosh I’m cheesy again.

Anyhoo, I connect with being an artist helper for games more :’)
I feel better considering myself as a newbie forever.
I’ve always got room for improvement.

Consequently this tunnel vision makes me I forget what I’m good at though.
Oh Leonie.