StudyPost / Leonie draws over 190 cylinders and lots of weird 3D forms!

Leonie draws cylinders from imagination.

Here we go again! I’m just eyeballing cylinders now :0

Not trying to be perfect and precise and more focused on getting it done well enough. And do it a bit better or not in the next one.

190 cylinders & other weird forms studied from other artists + my own imaginary ones

Study references & resources credit: Form intersection pack, DrawABox, ArtWod & ModernDayJames

Yeah I’m not doing 500+ cylinders this time! I’m just doing enough to practice and get used to 3D forms instead. And I did some more boxes. I’ll probably do random boxes, cylinders and more in the future too to warm up and practice.

If I remember to and want to, that is.

From here it’s studies from a fundamentals book where I just fluffed around with what interests me ;P

Thanks for looking at my 3D form doodles ;D

Little update ramble

As usual, I’m juggling and time blocking things for my life and art shenanigans. Not quite there yet as things keeps changing. It falls apart and I have to let it go when my energy levels are at its lowest, if I’m lacking in sleep and I can’t manage it, especially during work days. Still it’s better than having no structure at all! I’m focused on how much effort and time I put into things so I can rotate focuses and tunnel vision. Then track when I need more sleep since my sleep is inconsistent.

I think I’m always “falling behind” because I’m not too strict on myself when it’s my personal shenanigans. I just do what I can when I have the energy and focus.

And I’ve been trying to get through this 40 lesson course this month before I am forced to activate the over one hundred hours/hundreds of lessons, get through them all starting from mid June within 5 months?! As mentioned in my last post, the low/medium level stress continues during my off days for the rest of the year and probably next year as I strive to learn and practice. I hope I can keep posting and get back to doing regular sketches :’)

Finally I’m slowly plodding along through Kirby and the Forgotten Land in short sessions…but I haven’t been doing much of that due to the aforementioned course. Not looking forward to my eventual doctor visit either. And trying to stay warm in this super cold weather. Aaaaa :<

Well here we go! We shall tackle another week!