Fanart / Princess Daisy and Peach from Mario Golf Super Rush, timelapse & little E3 ramble

Little timelapse for this piece! ⛳️

Princess Daisy and Peach!! ♡

I drew this when this game first got announced and I finally finished it just before it releases in 4 days! Phew!!

No, I’m not playing this game (unless the single player is *really*, really good) ;P

I just felt like illustrating them even though finished illustrations can be time consuming over a handful of days. One day I hope to be able to finish an illustration within a night but without rushing or forcing it. One day :’)

Some E3 rambles!

In terms of last week’s E3, I’m looking forward to the following:

Even though most of the games presented during E3 aren’t my thing, I think the only presentation I enjoyed is the snappy Nintendo one but I’m pretty biased ;P Devolver was pretty weird, surreal and got me hungry for sausage sizzles :’)

This is my last blog post for the month!

I’m due to take next week off from posting plus I’m barely keeping up with these posts :’)

I’ve been super overwhelmed with my never ending list of things I want to do and struggling to focus on where my enjoyment and interests lie (because I can’t have too much on my plate). I’m going to try taking an intentional day off each week from art for once because I’ve been so slow, foggy and am burning out. Yes I need to force myself to do this again because I get carried away and feel like I need to do something art related everyday :’)

I think it’s clear that I enjoy drawing and illustrating cute feminine human characters the most while I’m doing random comics for fun instead. All the same I have a lot of things I want to finish up and I need to move on from doing some things so I can eventually take a break from doing too many finished, time consuming illustrations. Then I can stay mostly in study and sketch mode! Hopefully I can do this sometime in July and figure out a good balance. At least that’s the “subject to evolve plan” as life doesn’t happen as you’d expect it to be!

I don’t have Netflix but listening to the haunting songs of Bo Burnham’s “INSIDE” Special got me heavy, mixed, existential, hopeless, comforted, discouraged and in awe of his incredible way of expressing, performing, composing and singing about his thoughts about the world, mental health struggles and his multilayered takes as a performer/comedian/white guy. I can’t see the Special/performance itself for context but the songs still bring a lot, if not most of the message across. All Eyes On Me, That Funny Feeling, White Woman’s Instagram, Welcome to the Internet, 30, How the World Works, Look Who’s Inside Again, Don’t Wanna Know, Goodbye and so on – the songs are wonderfully, brilliantly done, emotive, thoughtful and somewhat relatable. Some of the songs get stuck in my head :’)

And generally I continue to feel pretty existential, empty, uncertain, gloomy and helpless about my life, the future, with earth and with hoomins. Not sure what I’m doing with my life, art and career as I’ve given up on trying to find a niche people want – when I have my own ideas. And then I focus back on the present and on what I can control. This cycle continues whenever I look to the future and sometimes to the past for the big picture :’)

Taking one step at a time :’)

Plus making it painfully obvious that I limit myself on twitter is a nice personal boundary to have for my mental health. I’m simply posting without caring if I get any validation on twitter! I feel less burdened and I’m just not checking what other twitter artists are doing anymore because otherwise I’m still coming from a place of unhealthy, insecure comparisons such as “what are they doing that I’m not doing?” It’s exhausting striving to keep up with things and I am feeling done. I want to hide away from social media. I’m sticking to a small handful of artists and peeps at youtube and twitch for now ;P

Digressing, I hope you take care of yourself and your mental health! Thank you for reading!

Catch you next time after my break.