SuperLeonieMode 332 / Hermit Leonie goes outside after an isolated year 😰

Original sketch; the last one didn’t make it whoops

SuperLeonieMode 332 / Hermit Leonie goes outside after an isolated year πŸ˜₯πŸ˜°πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ˜“πŸ’«

So I finally went outside earlier in the month to go to the doctor’s among some other things. I hadn’t gone outside since last year’s flu shot!!

Some older ladies thought we were cutting in line but they didn’t know that we waited before them, got our turn, left for the pharmacy and then came back to get our flu shots done (and get that out of the way). Yeah I sensed they were glaring at us :’)

I was an anxious, tired, quiet, hermit bear who felt rusty and my tolerance, energy and stamina for the outside elements and people was and is incredibly low. I didn’t do much but even preparing to go out, experiencing the outside world, talking to the receptionist and doctor and getting through the motions of a little outing felt like alien, distant, exhausting things to me. I was okay though slow with catching social cues so I depended on asking questions as usual haha

Unsurprisingly I came back as a drained zombie :< It took until the next day to recover energy (I had to go out two days in a row though).

Let’s say that I don’t want to go outside and as usual I am not keen on social group or crowd things :’) I understand that most rejoice about going outside at times (and apparently 70%+ of people don’t wear masks outside now?!) but regardless of the pandemic, personally I need to get emotionally ready (to mask my autistic myself and to keep myself invisible and “normal” where needed to survive). I have to genuinely *want*/have to go out, be willing to break out of my usual routine and that it’s worth getting stressed, overwhelmed, drained from the whole ordeal and sensory overload ;P

I don’t care if my tolerance is low and if I’m being an “over dramatic, lazy”, snowflake; I feel energised and thrive more like myself as a hermit (if get better sleep that is). This is similar to how lots of people feel nourished and more like themselves when they go outside with/without company ; I usually feel nourished when doing the opposite and doing my own thing ;P

Hey I understand that I’m the weird one; you do your own thing too!

Anyhoo! Glad I’m back into hermit mode ;D

Sidenote: turns out that what I’ve been doing with my infected eczema hand is the best I can do; the GP/doctor doesn’t have any further recommendations for my suffering, as expected πŸ™

Currently it’s 97% healed up but I have to maintain it and manage my eczema flare-ups as part of my life :’)

Anyhoo Hermit Leonie wishes you a good rest of your week! ;D

Enjoy the melancholic Godot’s Theme / The Fragrance of Dark Coloured Coffee from the Phoenix Wright series :’)

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