Fanart / Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • Fanart of Vivian! ✨🤍💗💙
  • LeonieUpdate with the last public interesting finds!

Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! 💜🔮

She’s one of my favourite characters from this game! A wonderful trans character! I watched too many playthroughs of this game since it came out and I was watching streams of this game earlier in the year so here we are!

I remember making comics and drawing character references directly from this game from my buddy’s save file haha! I’ve never actually played this game myself because I have no desire to when I’ve watched it too many times ;P

Sketches from last week’s patron post (for those who don’t follow me on twitter )

Little LeonieUpdate of interesting finds:

  • yuanProduction’s Abusive Behaviours in Korean Drama
    • yeah I’m not a fan of these tropes either
    • it does implicate if people don’t behave like this, then they’re indifferent and don’t care about you :S
    • I find this trope a lot in manwha/manhua; essentially Korean, Japanese and Chinese graphic novels :0
    • I’m autistic who struggles in reading body language and people generally don’t communicate their feelings (we all have boundaries of course) so I’m usually oblivious on whether people actually care or not
    • so oddly enough if the behaviour and actions are extreme or explicit then I feel “sure” how someone feels (thanks terrible, unhealthy romantic/friendship tropes), even though it’s not necessarily healthy nor safe in real life
    • and when over the top expressions and actions actually happen in real life, I am on guard as it seems too good or extreme to be true, genuine, healthy and balanced
    • anyhoo real life is full of people who are neutral, nuanced, indifferent, subtle on the outside so I’m just oblivious and confused until things are explicitly expressed :’)
  • wit and folly’s Problematic Tropes: Villainous Lover Redeemed
    • now this brings in an interesting perspective on why “enemies to lovers” tropes exist as well as the comments bring out lots of examples from Dragon Age II, Megamind movie (the only thing I consumed here haha), She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Hotel del Luna
    • the antagonist/bad boy symbolises the extreme, dark, rebellious, harsh, sexual, selfish, toxic sides to the protagonist to push her/their into personal growth and growing together as balanced, healthy partners in life later on
      • hopefully there are ways to develop this without depending on somebody
    • it’s the protagonist’s self discovery journey of empathy, kindness, goodness, compassion, balance, vulnerability, self acceptance, self love, identity, sexuality, power, confidence, desires and so on
      • an over the top, powerful, romantic take on changing ourselves and standing up for ourselves to become a better person (forced by a romantic partner/lead of the story)
    • it’s problematic in that people shouldn’t exist to “fix” others who are broken, we shouldn’t stay in abusive relationships, people don’t usually act in such extreme ways and most people don’t change in real life
    • only such fictional, idealised people change themselves, risk everything and their way of life completely for their partner
      • later they grow to respect, protect and give/share power with them
      • unrealistic yet compelling fantasy that comes in many forms!
    • there’s shame, pressure and blame for many to not explore their dark sides so stories have a villainous lover that forces them to explore it through these stories without shame
      • yeah I relate; I don’t feel free, interested, willing nor brave enough to put myself at risk in real life to explore my dark sides
      • I’m more interested in what I can control for now and indulge in fiction that allows me to explore in safe, imaginary ways
    • the catharsis of seeing the toxic/abusive person actually change and regret their abuse and actions in these stories is great too
      • how empathy, kindness, boundaries and compassion can bring us back to a healthier balance with ourselves and our loved ones
    • these stories also explore: the complexity of how people feel what kinds of love they deserve, parental relationships, environmental factors, identity, traumas, upbringing, inner desires, boundaries, sexuality, body image, exploring dark fantasies and themes safely through fiction, insecurities, rejecting and embracing femininity, redemption and more
    • gosh I remember watching an older version of Meteor Garden :’)
    • lots of food for thought on why I’m drawn to some of these stories too; it feels great when growth, redemption and empathy is the key message
  • Julie Nolke’s What’s new?
    • wow this isolated life is the norm for me even before the pandemic
    • I don’t have much to talk about, especially when it seems like people usually want to hear what you’ve done outside and what you’ve been “doing” :/
    • so I go silent when I feel that there’s no point or interest in conversing :’)
    • it reminds me how most people aren’t used to not having much to talk about ;P
      • when it becomes a pattern, it usually turns out we have little in common, it’s a struggle to keep it going so it’s best to let it go and move on
    • but for good/casual consistent friends, there’s usually something to talk about in terms of topics, themes, what we’ve consumed and things in common
      • it’s great to feel safe to talk about the mundane things!
    • hey good friends are honest, supportive, consistent, communicative, sympathetic and stick with you during success, suffering and the mundane times
    • they will be with you at your lowest and compromise their plans to help you out
      • as for me, I need people to establish what they need from me and vice versa
      • otherwise I assume they need personal space
      • or we don’t have enough trust to communicate our needs
    • I can’t tolerate people who consistently don’t tell me their boundaries, hide things from me, leave me in the dark, don’t tell me if they’re not interested (with topics and/or in me), drag things out a lot and ghost me instead :/
    • I tend to cut people out who make me feel bad, anxious, unsafe, uncomfortable, pressured, tense, confused, mixed, like I’m walking around eggshells and whom I cannot be my silly, slow, boring self with
    • perhaps friends who can regularly converse and hang out with you even though you have nothing “happening” in your life are the good long term ones :0
      • yes casual friends is a thing but I don’t expect those to get back to me :’)
  • Tara Mooknee’s “the f in woman stands for funny” meme
    • there’s probably wholesome stuff at tiktok but the worst trends usually gets the most attention
  • Accented Cinema & Trope Talk: Movie Title Translations into different kinds of Chinese
  • Veritasium’s The Secret of Synchronization
    • people, clocks, pendulums, fireflies, clapping, chemical reactions, pumping hearts
  • Veritasium’s This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life
    • robotic tubes!!
  • kekeflipnote’s charming Strange Cats animated compilation
    • lots of weird cats
  • Oki’s Weird Stories’ documentary on The Cult of Thierry Tilly [part two] [three] [four] [five]
    • goodness a broken con artist to the extreme who isolated, tortured, controlled, robbed, played on the family’s desire to be special :/
  • Oki’s Weird Stories‘ Gay Frogs: A Deep Dive
    • details on how scientific truth gets manipulated by dodgy companies
    • it is true!! Frogs can become intersex :0
  • Oki’s Weird Stories’ Documenting a Modern Psychopath
  • Dani Connor Wild’s I rescued four baby red squirrels [The Squirrels & Me]
  • Friendly Space Ninja’s Emily In Paris: Romanticizing Ignorance
    • how is this a thing; America isn’t the centre of the world :/
  • Jesse Cox’s Big Ideas in Gaming: Who Invented the Wheel of Gaming?
    • he’s started a neat gaming history series!
    • I enjoy his Scary Game Squad series with his good buds too
  • Happy Birthday In Minor Key | Bill Bailey LIMBOLAND
  • Bill Bailey Answers 10 Random Questions Through Music | Classic FM
  • Smooth McGroove is back!! New Super Mario Bros. – Overworld Theme Acapella
  • Ooh Pac-Man 99 is a thing
  • Lindsay Ellis’ Mask Off
    • powerful, vulnerable and hard to watch on the terrible, toxic and vicious nature and her experiences of cancel culture
    • should I quit twitter for a while too? The negativity it thrives upon really does get bad for my mental health
    • unfortunately it’s the only mainstream social media I use since I cut out facebook and instagram :S
    • I don’t have a huge audience, am out of the loop with things and curating my feed definitely helps :<
    • yeah after this video, I blocked myself from twitter again (whenever I don’t need to post things)
  • The Caretaker – Everywhere At The End of Time – Stages 1 to 6 complete 6.5 hours
    • haunting, melancholic, heartbreaking, fascinating set of albums that explores memory, it’s deterioration, nostalgia, loss, amnesia and dementia through musical depiction [article]
    • I only just learned about this days ago ;P
  • I don’t know who they are but here’s Mark Rober’s The Truth About my Son (a parent with an autistic kid)
    • yes the outside world is too much!! I’m better at managing my sensory overload but after an hour or so and afterwards I’m just so drained from the chaos and I end up being numb to everything
    • flexible routines are the best
    • wholesome video (:
    • they’re doing a charity livestream to support autistic adults and community on the 30th with a lot of celebrities (US based probably, a charity called “NEXT for Autism”)
  • Goodness James Lee’s live action + cartoony + dark stylised comic animation are incredible and definitely reminds me of a villainous version of Jim Carrey’s acting in The Mask
  • Seth Everman’s how to create 5SOS’s “youngblood”
    • incredible collaboration; I enjoy Seth’s videos and I watched this one several times to catch all the little things (:
    • his work is an inspiration to just post good, quality things!!
    • well I got interested in the catchy song and watched 5SOS’s official video and more too

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