StudyPost 05 / Figure drawing, arm, shoulder and torso muscle studies!

And reflecting on last week’s sketchbook video.

Time for this week’s sketchbook studies!!

Continuing my studies from this book & some figure drawing warm ups 😀

There’s still some way to go as I’ve just started the torso section :’)

Reflecting on last week’s sketchbook post

  • I think 2 people actually finished watching my 18 minute video based on the retention stats so I probably won’t do videos often, if I ever do this again :0 But thank you peeps for reading/watching my post and/or video! Thank youuu!! <3
  • it was super lovely when people were supportive and encouraging with ninja likes but they don’t represent actual viewers and watch time. I see it for how it is :’) And peeps were probably encouraging me more for establishing my study habit than me doing a youtube video haha
  • at least I gave it a try! I’m not too bummed, disappointed and discouraged about it and I understand why I wouldn’t watch it (I’m a boring nobody on the internet after all)! Youtube is a super saturated platform too! It’s overwhelming with videos!
  • since the video is more or less a rambly version of my blog posts, I can focus on sketchbook posts as planned and save up effort and time. Make another video only when it feels right to me so I can awkwardly ramble away again (:
  • I know from a youtuber’s perspective I’m quitting too early and I’m not making videos regular enough for me to get anywhere but the whole experience just reinforced how I still prefer making blog posts to document my journey. Perhaps it shows, from the amount of effort, editing and recording I was willing to put into the video. Making regular supplementary art timelapse videos feels unnecessary, tedious and inefficient for me I guess! I’d rather do videos as a random thing. And people can tell.
  • Or maybe I’ll stream one day without talking much instead! Or just ramble over an image as a youtube video! I don’t have to do all this recording, planning and editing aha! ;D
  • I haven’t heard worded feedback either so I’m just forming my own judgement here ;P Thoughts and feedback appreciated!

Thank you for reading!!

Note that I’m not feeling too good in the past few days and week so far (especially today) so if I don’t end up posting anything for the rest of the week – I need more time to make an art buffer again. No promises but I’ll try to finish something if my grumpy cramps allow me :’)

Digressing! Thank you so much for reading my little sketchbook progress update! Yay for progress!! I hope you’re taking little strides in your own journey too (:

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