BurpDoodle: Closing Keynote Morgan Jaffit [morganjaffit], Ken Wong [kenwongart], Ally [allymcleangames][MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Closing Keynote with Morgan JaffitKen Wong & Ally McLean 

Morgan Jaffit [morganjaffit]

  • There are lots of tough places right now. Show up everyday.
  • We built these walls. What are you scared of? Is it built to keep you safe? Is it still working for you?
  • City safest…paths are made for people
  • people are creators, clever
  • build better walls for people to flow in and out like houses
  • learn new things and be open to scary things
  • be scared and let people in anyway
  • push walls anyway
This regular blog is my online house and my social media channels are pathways to it. Occasionally peeps come by. Does that count?
In person I probably need to do better…just wave and be friendly? I don’t assume people would want to talk to me since I find myself boring, not great at socialising, have selective interests and live within my own world haha
Generally I’m super reserved, introverted and careful with my social energy reserves unless I feel comfortable and have warmed up to talking at length and many times with you. ;P

Ken Wong [kenwongart]

  • Games are not rebellious anymore. More mainstream now. It’s more of a system?
  • Rebellion is coming – educate and explore the world’s problems
  • need more queer, political, poetic, etc games
  • Consider who games are for and who makes them
    • sustainable living vs who can’t
    • those who struggle with day jobs
    • gaming worlds vs society
    • consider and learn from other professionals and walks of life
    • what can we learn from them
  • new walls are built everyday
  • diversity initiatives with good intentions might not be great
  • heroes on pedestals – separation created from people
  • platforms who determine who succeeds and fails
  • who felt unwelcome in this conference?
  • see heroes flaws
  • for Ken, heroes are people and who build bridges between communities
  • there’s always people you can learn from – the more you give, the more give get back
Finding it hard to be interested in playing most mainstream games so I’m all for more good games for more audiences and learning (:
And that’s a pretty good definition for heroes! I’m not a community person and I don’t feel I belong anywhere in general so I’ll gracefully cross myself out haha
But yeah, I don’t really have heroes on pedestals but more people who I admire for qualities, values, skills and things I aspire to and respect. Definitely a degree of projection and self comparison but I strive to see them as people on a different path, perhaps to learn from and whom I will never truly fully understand or experience.

Ally McLean [allymcleangames]

  • first time at this conference and felt intimidation – like a vampire not invited to the house
  • responsibility to build bridges if you’re already in – there are many closed rooms protecting knowledge
  • when is it climbable?
  • similarity is not the basis to help others – help people different from you too
  • self depreciation – stop putting yourself down
  • need take selves seriously and as an industry 
  • look at why you’re insecure about jobs
  • do not put self down to connect to others
  • believe in what you do
  • take compliments eagerly as you give
  • share how you got to this point in your career instead
  • respect your audience and team – they decide your worth, not you
  • make a list of proud things you’ve done – practice what you are good at and be proud of this list
  • to build and add value to others and help others – that is accomplishment
  • give, mentor, share, help knowledge and help
  • you get what you give
  • Why me? What value is there to gain from others? Why give and help?
  • who helped you? You are that to someone else
  • what did you need to hear if you started out?
  • get accountability
  • protect each other from abuse of power, assault and harassment
  • we’re all still figuring out , climb our own wall and break out, find a way to break out
  • shape the future what it needs to be, let’s rebuild
Reflection time! Haha I relate – I am always the ghost hovering about at this conference ;D
I find it difficult to initiate conversations…sometimes I can muster quiet, friendly waving! I know it gets cliquey with industry friendships too so I respectfully turn the other way, preemptively exclude myself and do my own thing instead haha. I’m so used to being a passive observer.  I usually hover about the edges in different groups, never really belonging/sticking for long. Cherishing moments of connection anyhow.
I don’t know about closed doors/rooms since I’m oblivious to them or how I can help people in a sustainable, consistent way…I’m just here blogging at my online home to myself and maybe 5 or so ninja readers. I have already shared my journey thus far and some knowledge through years of this blog and videos. I already shared advice to newbies, did a few interviews, did a talk and went in length about my career journey and struggles. I don’t have it in me as a person to get more “out there” beyond this. Not sure if it’s valuable because people seek out reputable, successful, charismatic, influential and famous people anyway. That’s not me.
Plus I don’t want to keep doing things I’ve already done and I don’t find myself interesting. Nowadays I want to focus on trying things, learning, failing fast and doing good work.
Gosh with self depreciation and insecurity, I do and feel that a lot. I felt called out. I tried doing a list of accomplishments ages ago but it turned into a festival of nitpicking myself to my detriment so I don’t really think about past projects at all nowadays. The closest to a list is the sidebar of tags and projects I have at this blog. But yes, I’m not great at self confidence and taking compliments…squirm away!! Learning & striving to let others make their own judgments about me with gratitude and an open mind.
Gosh remember how I crunched and stressed out during the middle of this year and got caught by Mighty peeps? Because I’m not great or experienced at vector art, let alone UI art. I have many years of practice to go ahead. I need to take things slower and be more realistic about my standards.
Currently still trying to recover physically and mentally from burn out, belief in people and years of tension and stress…it’ll be a long process and a lot of years of unpacking for me to do. 🙁 Bear with me as I deal with this and thanks for understanding if I ramble about it lots.

Learning to see work as just a job, letting go of being a perfectionist and my internal battle between my high standards and low skills. As a task oriented person who is used to just listening and slowly processing everything at group meetings, I tend to forget talking and meetings with the team are very important part of work too. Slowly getting better at that since I’m practicing and am more part of a group project later this year. [Extra: EA’s Criterion approach to no crunch]

Aye I’m still hoping I can reach a point where I can genuinely value my own work :’) I am okay with my progress so far but I find it hard to see value in it. This post I did last month however helped me see outside of my own head and was super heart warming and encouraging <3

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