BurpDoodle: Game For Change with Rhianna Pratchett and Lucy O’Brien [MIGW18]

BurpDoodle: Game for change lunch with Rhianna Pratchett [rhipratchett] and Lucy O’Brien [Luceobrien]

  • meet new people and hear and share your stories – Caroline Pitcher
  • collaborate not precious with what I worked on
  • you need stories with more than one women and depict female friends and more about ethnicity, ability, and sexuality, age and range of gender and diversity in male characters too
  • “she needs to be likable” – I hate that phrase
  • this approach to creating characters skips tone, personality and interesting aspects to a character
  • why aren’t females allowed to be unlikable and unhinged?
  • memorial of jaffa cakes story 😀
  • still have a long way to go for diversity in all characters
  • you can get away with a lot when no one’s paying attention…like in comics
  • she used to be a sniper-y and stealthy kind of player and now she’s a shot gun kind of player
More assorted notes. More more interesting, developed, diverse characters. Do agree how one can get away with a lot through comics…hey there ;D
The meal itself was small but lots of people attended! I was slowly dying from being sick, had a mask on, met some new people and kind people came over to talk to me a bit too. Plus I hung around with kind people afterwards which was nicer than a terribly noisy room of chatter for me. Super appreciated that there was a quiet room this year but I didn’t use it…as I didn’t want to budge, I probably would have stayed there and I didn’t want to spread my germs there too.
I mostly waved, took notes, ate a lot of throat soothers and did some crane folding. You learn who’s willing to stick by politely and talk to you and who’s not when you’re sick…I get it, I’m a germaphobe too ;P I want people to keep away from me. Note I had to go because I needed to pass my PAXAus pass onto someone else and I wanted to make the most of my final MIGW day.
Probably will go again next year even though I feel like an alien there and everywhere. There were many periods of just quietly taking in the chatter around me. Hey, I’m always down for food [just need to eat more afterwards] and catching up with peeps I see on a yearly basis at best :’)
I hope for more MIGW daytime activities in the future! And forgive me, I’m generally super rusty and awkward at social things.
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