BurpDoodle: You Can Ask That: Transgender Games Edition Panel with Fae, Charlie, Sav, Snow, Damon [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Transgender Game Developer Panel ft. FaeCharlieSavSnowDamon

Damon Reece [demanrisu]

  • Don’t say this character is trans, exploit and ham-fist it. Make it more natural. It’s uncomfortable and cliche.
  • Stereotyping is not good for minorities.

Snow McNally [SnowMcNally] [site]

  • Just ask What are your Pronouns. That’s it. Don’t make a big deal out of it. 
  • Gotta take time to wear your shoes. Pronouns are like shoes and are a pain the butt

Fae Daunt [callieRansom]

  • Create a character that has a past.
  • No deadnames.

Sav Ferguson [TimesNTroubles]

Charlie Francis Cassidy [charlietheGfish]

  • I really like flowers ;D
  • Frustration with women-centred spaces with Non-Binary tacked on and not followed through.
Just my terrible notes…apologies!! So please watch the panel yourself for better context and understanding. A lot of it was common sense but very much needed to be discussed from a place of openness, respect and desire to do better. (:
I personally didn’t really have any expectations, just came in to draw and support the panel.
Most of the panel waved and greeted me when I came over to sit down which was super sweet, yay! I’m a simple lady. ;D