Nomad Panda – Modeling the 5.5 million poly Sculpt

Hullo small handful of kind friends!

Yes, tis’ another Timely Tuesdays update!
Or let’s call it Terrifically Terrible Tuesdays. Gives it a more positive vibe I’d hope.

Where I left off from last time with the Base Mesh of my Nomad Panda…well it’s now almost 5.5 million polygons at subdivision level 6. (Confused? For those who have no idea on what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it’s just a bit of the technicalities. Essentially, the higher the number of polys, the more resources in time and memory space the model takes.)

Let’s just say that after spending across 5 days of working on this Panda sculpt, I am in great need of a break from sculpting fur in the least. Fur. Fur. Overwhelming amounts of fur.

No video this time, easier to show them as images only.

Nomad Panda Full body Sculpt: Front & Side views. Legs are stretched out so I could rig it easier and bend it later.
Nomad Panda Full body Sculpt: Top view
Nomad Panda Full body Sculpt: 3/4 view
Nomad Panda Full body Sculpt: Bottom view; yes I even sculpted the bottoms of his feet. Don’t think anyone’s going to see it but it depends on my pose.
Nomad Panda Full body Sculpt: Back view
Nomad Panda Head Sculpt: Front & 3/4 views. The forehead used to be very pronounced but I toned it down to keep it to the concept art I made in my previous Nomad Panda post.
Nomad Panda Head Sculpt: Side & Back views
Nomad Panda Hand Sculpt Detail shot

Feedback Appreciated!
There are probably areas that need refinement or things that I’ve overlooked so I would appreciate it if you could point it out as I’m blind to them at this point! Pretty tired of looking at this sculpt. Had to get rid of any other running programs so it doesn’t lag as much. I am not sure if I am happy with how the fur came out at this stage but I shall see when I actually paint colours onto my Panda.

Going towards a screen 3D model but I have sculpted the fur rather than allowing it to be dynamically done for me (as it’s another can of worms to learn).

Now, off to the next stages of this project…it’s due this Thursday!!

I shall end it off with a silly image:

Place your bets here! With invisible money!

Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
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