Life Drawing 4 – Female in Drippy Ink

(8th Nov) Hulloooo! (:

Another horrific line up of adventures in life drawing, this time with ink. Blue ink.

I made a huge mess on the floor and…it wouldn’t completely go away despite attempts in wiping it.
All the excess ink were drawn by gravity, causing it to leave its entrails across the paper as it falls to its inevitable demise.

3 min Quick Poses
Quick Poses continued where excess ink casualties started happening, leaving their mark.
Another pose 10 minutes? She’s got some sinuses happening.
I unintentionally transformed her into a mutated and deformed, gorey creature.
Thus I tried again during the 20 minute pose. I shouldn’t have put a dot as her eye though!
Time still remained so I was going to start another drawing of the pose, then gravity started to play games with me so I turned it into a portrait. Not happy with the profile of her face.
I like and not like this one; the drippyness gives it a good effect but her face…
20 minute pose; starting to get used to it…but not really? Getting there a little at least!
20 minute pose Detail shots. Gravity had so much fun with this one; luckily this time around I had a cloth rag to save all the excess ink droplets so casualties’ entrails have been minimised.
40 minute pose? I think? I need to start writing it down next time!
Detail Shots; I do like how the upper torso came out. Ink can simply turn out to be watercolour at times–I think I’ve diluted it a bit too much at the beginning.

What a messy puddle!

In other news; new scheduled time at 5am!

You may have noticed already from the previous Panda post, but I have ramped up the schedule time from 5pm AEST to 5am AEST on Fun Fridays. It essentially doesn’t matter but it may make some things easier as I can post things on other sites I frequent more earlier too. And no, it doesn’t mean I stay up till 5am. For those who don’t know, it’s “5” because it’s 5 for 5cheduled. My way of indicating that I have scheduled a particular post (which is most of the time).

Thanks for looking! (:
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