Train Riding Drawing Adventures 6

Just like old times; collection of my efforts during Oct/Nov. (:
I think it’s number 6.
I won’t shade them in this time, as it was time consuming when I did it in the previous train riding post. It’s not much though in terms of drawings though…
…as I was barely awake during the other times on train rides. Tired…but I guess in a good way.

I mean, look. I’m not alone with the sleeping/resting on trains thing. Though others tend to stare out through the window instead with or without music in their ears.
The top left person…was supposed to be a lady but she zoomed off to her stop and I couldn’t finish it. And look! A book reader! (:
Yes..random body parts do happen on train rides.
Not advertising for cola! Just doodling…don’t think I draw enough still compared to the pro artists I’ve seen still.
She has fashionable stockings I can’t capture here. He also has a tiny head. Both of them chatted a lot in contrast to the other train passengers who are usually dreary in the mornings.
My ugly thumb is being drawn in a desperate attempt to draw something. Random things drawn of something on a door and something on a sign at my place of study.
Interesting to see what people do when traveling. It’s their “me” time.
Fingernails and skeleton soup. Throw in a human head. Heat for 45 minutes. Invite a businessman over for dinner. Wait; where am I going with this impromptu made up recipe?!
So enthusiastic these people are on the bus (this was a bus ride)!!
Magician girl was made by an alumni of my school…I just redrew her. And an assortment of heads as well and hands. And kids with wild hairdos.

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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