No, I didn’t forget the dog! (doodles April 2012)

No, I didn’t forget about this blog. It’s the last Friday of the month and I did say at least one blog post each month! Perhaps I may stick with the last Friday of every month for now as the minimum.

Here are the sketches  I’ve done so far that I’ve been able to get onto the computer. I’m still not proud of what I’m doing so far as they’re only rough mindless sketches! I know there’s heaps of females below but that’s what I usually see in junk mail catalogues I get. (I reference from catalogues by the way)

Unfortunately for me, the dog may be the only thing I like from this set of doodles!
More weirdly drawn girls from catalogues, showing off the clothes they’re trying to sell (aren’t I skeptical?)
Here I didn’t bother with realistic facial features and it actually looks better!
That is an actual slogan on the shirt; her expression and slogan combined is implying to me: “Love me! How can you not?!” And at the bottom is a series of girls I was attempting to age into older ladies.
Some kiddies too!
This 3DS game; frustrating at times when you can’t get a solution and yet you want to play it anyway. Haven’t had the time to play it lately though.
Here she is, trying to showcase the bras they have.
Scary looking baby and dislocated female mouths are not included in this package.

It’s been getting busy for me lately (ie assessments, course related homework, commitments, investigations, procrastination via the internet and sleep).
I actually have much more sketches than shown here for this month, but I haven’t been able to make a time to scan them in!

May next month’s post will have more quality things! In the meantime, feel free to comment and/or connect with me via the sites below. Some constructive feedback would be great! (:

Thanks for reading!
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