Fanart / Sonic the Hedgehog movie + Spoiler thoughts

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  • Sonic fanart I did
  • spoiler ramble on the Sonic movie!
  • followed Tyson Hesse’s “How to Draw Sonic” promo video

Gotta go fast! Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

I was curious and was pressured to watch it for the memes so here I am :’) Turned out it’s a good, simple, fun, entertaining kids movie (:

I did this piece first and was playing with my art styles. I’m not a Sonic fan and it was way before I followed the How to Draw Sonic tutorial ;P

Another Sonic the Hedgehog!

Pushing my art styles further :’)

So I watched this movie & found two posters last week, spoilers ahoyyy!

  • it was an entertaining, fun one off watch, nothing big nor convoluted in the plot to nitpick like with Detective Pikachu
  • good for kids to get into the franchise and lots of nods for Sonic fans too (I’ve only played Sonic and Knuckles and the first Sonic game but haven’t finished them)
  • simple, predictable story, super cliche but it has heart and care into it. It’s a kids movie in the end.
  • it’s a movie that’s easing into the sonic lore slowlyyy
  • feels like a prequel and somewhat removed from the Sonic lore stuff but there is an echidna tribe? Appreciated that they’re not lizard people anymor (as that’s completely unrelated to Sonic franchise)
  • Sonic being a stalker I guess at Green Hills :’)
  • the two day long bromance and comedy buddy roadtrip between Tom and Sonic was slow, cheesy and goofy and at least there wasn’t a huge, dragged out fallout part
  • Is Tom friends with Sonic or becomes his dad towards the end? :S I don’t know what’s going on here
  • It’s cute that Tom’s partner noted how “buddy close” Tom and Sonic are; they’re *really* pushing the two day old friendship here
  • had to take a leap of faith that Tom will help Sonic to this extreme and on a whim in order to save somebody in a life or death situation
  • nostalgic nods to the franchise, especially the animated game parts, bits of game music and early end credits
  • the start of the movie is where you the the most nostalgia since that’s the only time you see Sonic’s world and some lore :’) This is the new, interesting cool stuff from the game while most of the movie is another human live action movie
  • Sonic can’t help being distracted, even though as a kid, his foster owl mother died(?) to protect him because he couldn’t help but use his power and have fun with it. He can’t hide who he is and keeps getting carried away by his curiosity. It’s a common theme of hiding and running versus actually facing and using his power
  • why is feet a thing in this movie :S
  • why is flossing a thing in this movie, some jokes getting dated here. I guess it suits as he’s just a teen/kid trying to be cool. There were kids flossing during the end credits at my cinema even
  • the last fight scene was great and wraps up well
  • Sonic was getting annoying when he was asking, guilting and pushing Tom to not leave Green Hills – that’s his life to live! Cherishing your own home is great but telling somebody else how to live their life is a little iffy and forced. Tom just wanted to be a more helpful cop in San Francisco, prove himself and get out of the small town – why did he just change his mind like that in the end to stay in Green Hills? As much as Sonic is tired of running away, I’m sure Sonic has experienced “boredom” before :/
  • Jim Carrey was super animated, expressive, goofy, over the top and played the robotics villain super well. The abandoned, loveless orphan. I liked the part where he danced to his playlist and was deep in his work while his scanners took in Sonic quill’s powers (with a headless Dick Van Dyke move tribute). It’s just him turning the weirdness up to 11 and was interesting to watch his cartoonish, incredible performance. He made the doctor feel scary too, without regard for other organic life.
  • I don’t know what’s going on with Jim Carrey as a person but I hope he’s doing better
  • Ooh there was a moment between Agent Stone and Dr. Robotnik where they lingered in silence for a tad too long – some editing needs some work here
  • I was getting concerned about running out of rings/transportation portals but I guess it’s okay D:
  • so Tom’s sister-in-law is still tied up?
  • what happened to Agent Stone? Is he the new guy in charge? Will the dynamic between him and Dr. Robotnik change when he comes back?
  • Dr Robotnik in Mushroom Hill Zone/planet – interesting
  • I would watch the sequel but I’m not sure if it’ll be as good – it’s been so formulaic, simple and outside of the Sonic worlds in this first movie that it’s going to be different when Tails and more Sonic franchise characters come in. It’s been simple with just the conflict between Robotnik and Sonic. What will happen when Sonic is not as special when the other Sonic characters have the same kinds of powers? What will happen between Sonic and Tom’s friendship? How will this affect the human world?
  • Of course they have to show off wonders of the world – Paris, China, Egypt, San Francisco and Green Hills! That’s all the cool action, animation & VFX budget we got ;P
  • I liked the Sonic playing baseball solo scene – I’m lonely too ;’)
  • the VFX and animation team did great with making the redesigned Sonic happen! Super unfortunate that they got laid off, moved around and closed down during December. I hope this industry changes for the better because it’s been pretty disappointing as it is right now (correct me if I’m wrong)
  • I felt weird when the bar fight sequence happened. How is this stuff interesting to Sonic? A lot of this stuff and the bucket list plot bit doesn’t really relate to the world and stories of Sonic here
  • Who was the wonderfully designed mother figure for Sonic that had to supposedly die off when he was young? :< It’s a new character created for this movie and she looks great. I hope she’s back in the sequel – maybe she’s the one who got Tails looking for Sonic
  • Agent Stone and Dr Robotnik’s relationship is interesting with some sexual? tension – they appear to need each other albeit an abusive kind. I do enjoy the “Of course I want a latte, I love the way you make them!” line
  • So with Tails coming in for the implied sequel, will there be a third Knuckles movie?
  • Sonic as a character is nailed down well, and all the other actors are top notch in their roles! No one feels too extra at all.
  • Wait Tom is a person of interest on the news and everything during the roadtrip but he can still walk about and enter buildings without getting caught?? And then at the end “let’s pretend and all this destruction never happened.” What??? How is the government okay with this??
  • I guess Robotnik is allowed by the government to destroy public property and buildings? Military weapons and explosives? Yeeeep
  • Product placement super obvious with slogans was pretty blatant – for instance Olive garden was advertised three times and was super jarring and unrelated to Sonic
  • why is there a fart joke. Some of the comedy just isn’t funny and doesn’t work nor need to be there
  • I don’t really feel the full emotional force of the bucket list thing, perhaps that’s intentional???
  • I wouldn’t watch this movie again but Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Ben Schwartz did great in this movie. All the actors did great.
  • So when the sequel happens and the more interesting Sonic characters come in, what’s the point with the human characters? :S It seems to be hinting that it’ll all be CG in the Sonic world, maybe.
  • Overall this movie is not perfect nor mind-blowing. It was a good movie that met expectations. It’s for kids, family and a competent film for fans 😀

Extra bit! I followed Tyson Hesse’s How to Draw Sonic Tutorial too

Definitely nowhere as good as what Tyson does (see his video) and I’m not really a Sonic fan but it was a fun little exercise to doodle! He’s a great inspiration! :0

One day I hope to be able to draw and illustrate characters for a living. It feels almost unreachable but I’ll keep doing my best :’)

Thanks for reading!! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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