April 2012 Sketches & Tshirt Design ahoy!

Hey there! I’ve got the April 2012 Sketches below!
I’ve begun to utilise my “ninja” skills and drew these observational drawings of real people with the undoubtedly permanent “pen tool”!
Definitely looks better than the mobile phone camera quality in past posts.

The nose came from a very old gentleman I saw on the train but he was too fast for me to draw his whole face!

So many people with their phones/ipods/ipads/laptops I’ve noticed; otherwise they’re sleeping from exhaustion
I don’t understand the seat decorations so I did whatever; also started to draw numbers as I saw them
Isn’t the tiny arm disturbing? With these sketches, it’s in pen so if I stuff up proportions it can’t be removed
There’s a lot of the back of people’s heads!

Following is my T-shirt assignment design I did in March for my Multimedia Imaging class in Illustrator. It is based on Lions Recycle for Sight Australia, Inc from Queensland (not the Fred Hollows Foundation anymore). They used colours of navy, pale olives and golden yellow in their logo of the lion(s), so that’s why the girl has mane-like hair somewhat. Seems like they’ve changed their website design recently too! They encourage people to donate old glasses and/or frames only so they can reuse them for people who can’t afford the glasses.
Don’t think I’m allowed to name my tutor here to acknowledge their advice (or embarrass them that I’m their student, who knows), but I’ve fixed the design accordingly to the feedback I received and changed the “Donate a pair” positioning and font. I drew the T shirt outline myself rather than use the template provided in my picture here because I am not sure whether I was allowed. Outline was done in MSPaint as I wanted a pixel-ly rather than a clean outline.
The font for “Donate a Pair” is freeware called Ashcan BB by BlamBot.

Would you actually buy this T shirt?

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from, UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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