SuperLeonieMode 346 / When your mind drifts away from the conscious world + timelapse!

Little timelapse! 💤

SuperLeonieMode 346: Low energy hermit thoughts :’)

Depleting stamina fast!! Zoning out! Quietly staring into space.

Drifting away. Being present. Breathing. Maybe daydreaming.

If I’m not reflecting/thinking, my brain/consciousness floats into the clouds. Absentmindedness, tiredness and fatigue washes over me.

No thoughts, just existing. Somewhat meditative.

Eventually I come back to earth.

Digressing. I’ve been low energy like this most of my life. That or the random times when I’m excited or anxious in bursts about something (but I cannot maintain this level of energy/friendliness too long).

If I look/seem tired, neutral, empty, quiet and/or bored, don’t worry it’s really my normal state ;’D

Life gets so emotionally draining and overwhelming. Nowadays even more so.

Plus I’m tired and jaded. And I’m probably not alone feeling this.

Striving (or struggling) to balance and manage the negatives, positives, feelings (if they’re not too muted), existentialism, disappointment, uncertainty, the mundane and energy levels with awareness and reflection all the same :’)

Thanks for actually coming by and take care at the beat of your own drum today!