Fanart / Week of Molly from Animal Crossing + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • Lots of Molly throughout this week that I’ll update here!
  • Personal update, reflecting on videos I watched, why the Japanese are so lonely, how we’re manipulated to believe that talent belongs to the beautiful and more.

Monday / Starting my week of Molly from Animal Crossing! My sweet cute duck villager 🦆✨

Yes, wholesome love stories please! 😊💙

I actually had Molly twice; I had to kick out my original Molly and bring her back later so that I’ll have her proper interior & house. It does feel weird building up the friendship with a new Molly. One cannot reset real life friends like this haha :’)

I’ll be posting more Molly this week! Going to keep updating this blog post for each new one so look out!

Tuesday / Are you doing okay? 🧡

Please be kind and check up on yourself ♥️

Mental health is definitely an ongoing thing to manage with lots of ups, downs, mundane times and many confusing, mixed feelings. It can get uncomfortable, empty, energy draining, confusing and difficult, especially when you bottle it up and fall into living in autopilot for too long.

When you don’t have any energy nor headspace left to give; remember to give yourself some space, compassion and time (:

When I ask myself if I’m doing okay, neutral or mixed, it depends on my energy levels, how productive I feel, if I had good company or interactions and whether I get through my routine okay :’) A lot of accepting my mood, struggles, feelings and circumstances in the moment and remembering to be grateful for the little lovely things in my life.

That said, I’ve been feeling existential, uncertain, anxious and confused in recent days as the year comes to an end. What am I doing with my life :’)

Wednesday / Accepting and embracing your truth and feelings 🎵💜

Don’t force it if you’re not really feeling it; it’s okay!

Just expressing, listening, accepting and acknowledging without trying to fix something, get something, dismiss something, manipulate someone or give opinions (:

Sometimes you’re just not feeling too great with a lot of mixed feelings and that’s okay. (Yeah this is me).

Pretending and ignoring your own and other’s feelings is too draining, isolating, invalidating and makes it difficult, if not impossible to connect to anyone. For me it feels risky and scary to be vulnerable, uncomfortable and open with someone but sometimes it’s worth trying for someone who’s gaining my trust, to stand up for myself with self respect and to be free to not hide who I am :’)

And if they’re not accepting, understanding, respectful, on the same page or ready then it’s time to respect that, let go and move on.

Thursday / I’m really happy that you’re around! 💕

Please appreciate somebody today! 😊

Suggestions: hugs, gifts, small appreciation notes, quality time or a little chat! Consider spreading some warm fuzzies of care, gratitude and appreciation around! 💗

Friday / Slow down, relax and rest up 🤎

Hello Friday and have a wonderful weekend ahead ⭐️

It feels like a lot of us is in a sluggish, winding down mood, especially around this time of year :’)

I also suspect that no one reads these extra captions I put in this blog post :’)

PS: I actually finished this month’s Animal Crossing pieces by the 3rd of December so I hope it all works out! There’s more in the next two weeks ;D

Little LeonieUpdate ramble time!

  • generally I’m just doing my own hermit thing with life, art, games and learning as usual ;D
    • my fault that I’m still not getting enough sleep and staying up late sometimes (around 1am or so in the morning :’) )
    • finding that I’m getting more attention on reddit on average than social media, probably because I picked out relevant subreddits :0
  • hygiene worries and stress with the rat poop not fully cleaned up and another dead one turning up :<
  • feeling relief, mixed feelings, acceptance, heaviness, disappointment, existential, anxiety and letting go at the moment while the monthly, miserable cramps aren’t helping me feel less miserable haha
  • finally took another stricter step with my boundaries and blocked myself completely from social media during afternoons, most of the evenings, Fridays and weekends at my desktop!
    • these are usually the times and days when I’m not posting art! Once again, I find myself checking it too much again to my own detriment 🙁
    • if I’m not responding, this might be why! I might sneak in a peep occasionally on a different device but I’m going to minimise doing that ;P
    • I’m okay with missing out, I just need to pull away again from the addictive, distracting void that is social media haha

Interesting finds and things I watched!

Why are the Japanese so Lonely? by Salari

  • depressing, general deep dive into Japanese culture, stigma with managing mental health, low minimum wages, aging population and many other struggles
  • the info about Ikigai still refers to that work/career focused venn diagram
  • seems like a lot of people don’t want to have kids and people are increasingly isolated and not emotionally supported
  • how work and career is the “only” thing of value and takes over everything else and shuns/ignores/blames people who don’t fit into that societal mold of a perfect employee, husband, wife, father, mother, sibling, offspring and so forth with the “perfect adult career and life”.
  • how harsh work culture and crunch is common in other parts of the world, how work hours are increasing in the US and UK too
  • “hikikomori do not want to live like this”
    • I guess I shouldn’t really call myself a hikikomori since I enjoy my solitary hermit lifestyle, I still have a few casual friends and I have an unstable, hopefully growing freelance career
    • makes me think if autistic people are more likely to be lonely homebodies like me :0
    • I do hope to try, to meet more new people and make more friends someday when I’m open for it and whenever it naturally and mutually happens (online or in person) :<
  • learning about all this aligns with a lot of what I’ve heard from other videos and comments about people’s mixed experiences and struggles when living in Japan
    • Japan has its own set of complex problems they’re going through just like any other country and I really don’t know where they can go from here without drastic changes or terribly slow changes :<
    • Japan is an incredible, interesting, rich, weird, wonderful place with wonderful, majestic food though
    • Australia is generally more laid back compared to other countries, there are problematic things too, healthcare is great and the people (at least where I am) are generally kind, good, friendly and diverse. It’s not perfect but I do feel lucky and privileged to be here.

Talent Belongs to the Beautiful – How Media Manipulates your Tastes | Salari

  • I feel sad and ashamed that sometimes it’s a conscious effort for me to be more aware of the internal, negative, judgmental conditioning of standardised beauty, body image and attractiveness upon myself and on others
    • I do find some people visually attractive, unique or interesting looking and there’s definitely a halo effect involved when they’re popular, charismatic, super skilled and/or have high social status
    • then the physical attractiveness rose tinted glasses fades off after spending time with them and you understand the real person as a whole ;P
  • beauty being a kind of social currency and privilege is definitely real; I see it all over social media and in real life as most people display the best, curated version and presentation of themselves
  • there’s also the other side where there’s a lot of negative and unhelpful assumptions about someone’s character if they’re beautiful/handsome/fancy, how many relationships/friendships they seem to have, how people aspire to be like them (upon a pedestal) and how they’re getting sexual attention/harrassment more
    • I admit I used to have a strong emotional barrier against people who are physically attractive because it felt far removed from my little world in my mind :’)
    • As in why would they want to talk to me when they seem to be so different from me? Now I’m more focused on whether people are cool, honest, trustworthy, respectful and comfortable to talk to and be around ;P
      • sometimes people give me uncomfortable vibes regardless of how they look so that’s a different story
    • generally I think I do intentionally stick to my own company and have my emotional walls somewhat up but I do feel better about not having any unfair and oppressive expectations upon myself and on others, focusing on what’s important, being honest and expressing my feelings when I feel safe to, letting go and not worry too much about things that are out of my control; I’ll pick my battles, handle it and the rejection when the time comes
  • I do believe many have their unique kind of beauty if you look into their personality, soul, values, intentions and actions (:
    • I don’t think about sexual attractiveness because I see unique physical features and/or visual attractiveness instead ;P
    • after first impressions, I fixate on what’s beyond their looks: the internal character, attitude, personality, actions, priorities and values. And that usually shines through everything and over their physical appearance, at least for me
  • personally I think I have the “leave me alone”, weird, oblivious alien and hermit vibe so most people do leave me alone and ignore me
    • and then there’s the rare, kind people who don’t care, don’t give uncomfortable vibes, approach me first instead and consistently enjoy and accept my company :0
    • yes as I’ve mentioned before, I have a cat-like personality ;P
  • I hope that more and more “unattractive” non cis white male creators, artists and entertainers become the norm
  • Yes I didn’t like how everyone focused on how so-called “ugly” she was and not on her singing. Also I didn’t know Susan Boyle is autistic! That’s neat! :0
  • this all reminds me to keep practicing body positivity!!
    • all about feeling beautiful and good about yourself as you are; not about judging, expecting, comparing others based on beauty and being expected to perform beauty standards
    • definitely not easy as it involves a lot of self awareness and catching myself from being confused, mean and nitpicky about myself and physical appearance :<
    • feeling and keeping healthy, exercising to the best of our ability and self care is great too! Gives me more energy and I’m less sore haha

Thank you for reading my rambles!

I’ll be posting more Animal Crossing fanart this month and updating this blog post with Molly! So watch out! ;D

Have a good Monday and safe, low-stress week ahead! :0

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