SuperLeonieMode 321 / Hang in there! πŸ’›β€οΈ

SuperLeonieMode 321: Hang in there

This is a quick comic I did late last night because of how sleep deprived and exhausted I am due to work and life shenanigans :’) There’s lots of current events, people, life and day to day things that’s emotionally draining but we’re all working with what we have and hanging in there the best we can (:

I’m striving to ease back into learning and sketchbook posts as freelance work slowly dries up again soon; indeed the ups and downs of freelance life as usual haha

Oh I finally fixed the blog comments issue!! The Jetpack wordpress plugin was the culprit! Suddenly it decided not to work anymore so I just deactivated its comment capabilities. It’s all good now when I test it (:

Finally thank you for reading! Take care during the rest of this week, keep things low stress and in stride where possible and rest up this weekend! πŸ’™

I actually slept in this morning so I’m feeling groggy but a bit more well rested :’)

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2 Comments on “SuperLeonieMode 321 / Hang in there! πŸ’›β€οΈ

  1. Please take the time you need to rest and recover! Mornings where you can sleep in a bit and get that energy back at your own pace are wonderful, so long as they don’t make you perma-groggy <3

    • Too right; take your time to rest up too!
      I’m still sluggish but at least I’m not constantly falling asleep haha
      Thank you Charlie <3