Fanart / Lots of Yuka from Animal Crossing + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • Yuka illustrations
  • Little personal LeonieUpdate, Fredrik Knudsen’s Deep Blue video, autistic flow & interesting finds!

One of my snooty, big sisters of Animal Crossing – Yuka!

She can be blunt, sassy and proud of it haha ;D

I’m still playing because I’m striving for blue roses (so hard) and I just got my peppy villager recently~!

When I fully decorate the interior of my home, get blue roses and see the rest of the seasonal furniture then I’ll move on from this game :’)

Little LeonieUpdate ramble!

  • The rat/mice problem: two out of ??? are captured so far and there’s more so ongoing anxiety and stress continues :’)
  • The Tragedy of Droids in Star Wars – Pop Culture Detective
    • deep discussion about slavery and apathy towards robots in general
  • Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole – Fredrik Knudsen
    • deep dive and documentary about machine learning, strategies, computer science and computer chess history with the Deep Blue chess machine (and the team + IBM) versus the world chess champion/grandmaster (Garry Kasparov)
    • it’s a great video with incredible storytelling; keeps your attention throughout the 2 hours and really explains things well even for people who are not great with chess like me (:
    • I did feel some of the chess-sonas and end song somewhat pretentious, indulgent and unnecessary but great effort and I did like
      “the hole” piece :’) It’s just a bit much for me; most people like it lots!
    • probably his best video yet!
  • Anime skits:
  • When You’re Happy Being Single
    • I don’t have any relationship experience so what a great, cheesy vibe to this video!
    • being comfortable and fine by yourself, regardless of whether you have a relationship
    • make your own good memories with yourself and/or with others! And share hugs, quality time, help each other/yourself and be there with loved ones and good friends (:

Autistic flow and the hyper-productivity switch – Does this happen to you too?

  • YES! It does happen to me!!
  • Either I work really well, am super productive with intensity and get lots of things done in a state of flow
  • or not well at all, I burn out striving to do everything better, juggling, dragging myself to get it done and managing it all
  • if I enjoy it and put the hard work and get good at the one thing then it’s fine
    • easy and feels great when I’m super productive with my restricted interests
    • planning with an outline helps me start and then I’m more likely to focus on the task and into a state of flow
    • one recommends creating rituals, milestones, constraints and making an ideal space for focus and creativity
    • I need to enjoy it, be skilled at it and be inherently interested in a topic/project otherwise I find it extremely hard to get invested, get into a creative mode and deal with tasks
  • if I’m not good at something, it takes ages to do, I procrastinate, I take time to process what I need to do, I have to accept that I will probably do it badly and get it done eventually :’)
    • sometimes I get a mental block, I won’t be able to get a single piece of work done and struggle to be average
    • can’t concentrate on things I’m not great at and the mental resistance is exhausting (but sometimes you got to do it for work :< )
  • unlike the video, there’s some middle ground for me in that there’s lots of tasks and day to day things I’ll just get by, by being below average or average at ;P I’m not perfect or skilled at many things and that’s okay!

Thank you so much for reading and stay safe!

Take care this week and have some froggy groove dancing and Louie Zong’s full album of pocket (featuring brian david gilbert, jeff liu, charlatean, glynn mcnamara and ken sithan)!

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