Zelda from Cadence of Hyrule & Rogue Singularity [fanart post]

** This post is a 4 minute read! **

Zelda from Cadence of Hyrule is so cute!

Watched many streams of this game, full of wonderful pixel art, Zelda references and musical goodness! 😀

Anyhoo, of course I drew Zelda, she’s my favourite in the franchise *and* you can play as her ;P So here I ended up with 3 illustrations as I tested art styles.

I have attempted again to play the first game, Crypt of the Necrodancer a while ago and it’s not my type of game for my tunnel vision brain. The game isn’t for me as I don’t enjoy roguelike dungeon crawling and rhythm bouncing at the same time. Too overwhelming to handle and not fun for me!

Yes I know the difficulty is easier in Cadence of Hyrule but I’m fine watching and listening to the game’s music while I’m working on things. :’)

Another take on Princess Zelda!

Testing art style through some fanart some days later! I feel rusty and I don’t feel great about this one – ah well 🙁

Princess Zelda being cuuute!

Fixed her fringe hair this time as I didn’t like how her headpiece constricts her head and fringe. I had to do another art style test and even though there’s room for improvement, I think I like this one best ;D

Tested ClipPaintStudio for this one after a longer break from the other two Zelda illustrations. I’m not comfortable with it yet, along my terrible painting skills! Look at my rough and messy brushwork!! :< Is it true that ClipPaintStudio is best for linework and not for painting or that’s not the case anymore? I’ve been switching between CPS and Photoshop :S

Invader Zim👽 & the Rogue Singularity robot🤖! Rogue Singularity by Considerable Content came out on the Switch last week too! Giftart for Scott Beca!

Thank you Scott for being a good, kind friend!! Some gratitude giftart for you! And congrats for finally publishing your 3D infinite obstacle platformer game! I did my best with the robot as I don’t often draw scifi things :’)

Personally I don’t know too much about Invader Zim in general but when I ever do get access to Netflix for a month in the distant future, I’ll give it a go! I was testing a different art approach while being sick and I think it turned out okay? :S

Personal update & on Melbourne International Games Week

It’s super cool seeing games peeps and games ramping up in South Australia, New Zealand, Brisbane, Perth and a bunch of other places beyond Melbourne. And Melbourne International Games Week is coming early October too. I *might* make an exception to attend the Games for Change lunch but I won’t go to GCAP, PAXAus or any other crowded MIGW parties this year.

I’m not too invested in the gamedev talks and crowded social activities plus it’s not something I can afford either. I guess I’m not interested in only making games and admittedly I’m not really a super conference or convention person where you’re constantly searching for the next person to talk to. As you know from my posts in the past, a lot of the time at social events I feel overwhelmed, sad, lonely, anxious and drained – along with some fleeting good times with good peeps sprinkled here and there. I’ll let the super inspiring, purposeful and passionate people have their fun.

I just want to learn and make art and illustration for good projects :’)

I’ve been going for 5 years and now it feels weird and a bit sad that I’m breaking my attendance streak and I won’t see most games peeps anymore. Hey, most people *only* catch up during this time unfortunately and I usually don’t initiate like the quiet, awkward bear that I am. I’ll just have to avoid social media when the MIGW buzz is going, do my own hermit thing and catch up with good peeps 1 to 1 at my own pace outside of GCAP/PAXAus ;D

Anyhoo, as I said I am currently sick, sore, tired and congested with constant headaches and an annoying cold since last week so it’s been a mixed, grumpy bag so far. Stuffing your nose with tissues all day, trying to stay awake and struggling to breathe when sleeping isn’t fun so I had to do some art to keep my mind off it. But most of the time I wasn’t functional at all like a slow, sad zombie and couldn’t focus on anything! 🙁

Catching colds from family is super annoying as much as it’s a normal part of life and however I strove to avoid it :'( I’m not good at quickly pinpointing whether I’m getting sick or not but I strive my best to warn others and avoid people once I know – spreading it to others feels terrible! There’s a sense of resignation that you just have to rest and deal with it whenever a cold is coming your way :<

At least I’m in a better headspace, enough to do a bit of gratitude giftart. I’ve been using this cold as an opportunity to both be lazier, delay doing things that need me to be coherent, rest up and if I’m lucky, get some personal art done. That said, I’m not getting much done when the drowsiness, congestion and headaches weighed in over the past weekend. My supposed break became a miserable suffering of the cold instead :’)

My complaining aside, I don’t even know if this post was comprehensible as I write this! Enjoy your last week of August, thanks for reading and see you next time! ♥

Hopefully I get much better by next week :<

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