“Go away Luigi!!” & Nina + Yamamura – Super Mario Maker 2 [fanart]

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“…Or you can always ask me to do it for you.” – Luigi

No. I have to learn & do it *myself* Luigi.

Go away!!!

I just wish I can turn Luigi off. He’s egging me on for dying & getting game overs >:I

Oh the silly Story Mode. It’s great! I enjoy the developer levels with their creative, sweet and tricky ideas! I love the newly composed music tracks too 😀

I still got a bunch of the hard story levels to do but I’m going to take my time with those while I’m playing another game. Else I’ll be super frustrated from dying too much. :’I

I’m not complaining – I’ve seen people play through difficult Course World levels, unfairly made creations and Kaizo levels! I’m just not great at being absolutely perfect with mechanical movement because I don’t have the patience, time and agility. And that’s no fun for me :’)

Nina & Yamamura relaxing

I don’t know what happened to Mary O. from the first game. But Nina is super cute! And here’s some neat trivia for Yamamura the master course maker rock pigeon!

Yes I watched all of their lecture videos which has a lot of neat general level design advice and striving not to be a jerk to your own players. Still, I’m not great at making levels and I’m slow at it :’) They take hours to experiment with and there’s some people who are extremely clever and creative with theirs!

Play my 1st level if you like! Winter Coin Cabins: HWP-SVQ-H7G

Thank you in advance if you do! I think I’ll mostly play more than create levels from now on :’)

Been watching streamers making levels & playing this game too, it’s great background noise! And for me it brings into question what’s fair, playing with expectations and making it fun, fresh and interesting in the end.

Hoping the playing multiplayer with friends update happens soon or one day!! :<

Some doodles I liked ;D

These were from when I was drawing all the level pieces in an attempt to plan and draw out levels but that was too much effort. My brain didn’t know what to make with a blank canvas. I’d rather experiment along the way 😛

“Adios, amigo!” – Mr Eraser

Mysterious immortal who gives you shady, assassination missions. And then after helping him out, he tries to make you feel better by rigorously erasing your bad feelings away ;D

I felt listened to in that little moment with my silly, sad feelings :’)

If you have 1 to 2 levels you’d like me to try, send me the details through this google form!

It will expire whenever I feel it’s enough. Understand I might not be able to play all of them because I’m not skilled at technically hard levels! Anyhoo, I’m happy to try some neat levels when I get the time to play the switch later in the year (:

This is actually my 400th blog post!

Thank you so much for sticking by this blog of 8 years! :’)

Over the years, many peeps have come and gone because of many understandable reasons, how we as people change and how I can’t manage following too many online peeps on social media. I’m just humbled some people are supporting my work across social media and read my blog posts when I’m just such a reserved, isolated, awkward, homebody (washed-up) artist who’s still learning, figuring out and struggling with her career :’)

Goodness. Here’s for more posts of good progress and learning to come! Thank you so much for being here!! ʕ ˵◉ᴥ<˵ʔ ❤

Thanks also for reading! See you next week!! ★

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