Please do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled. You have been warned.

Full game spoilers!!

In this blog post:
– voice commentary/ mini podcast speedpaint on backpedaling & first impressions of Tears of the Kingdom
– on blog rambles, toxic stress & personal update

In this blog post:
– art process & text commentary video
– avoiding Tears of the Kingdom spoilers
– Fire Emblem black tea
– workload with making videos & blog posts
– how to fix “waiting mode”
– reflecting on my autistic shutdowns and meltdowns
– declining attention spans & managing time on the internet
– personal update

I reflect on making this Princess Zelda illustration, on my favourite Zelda games, I question my purpose like a frustrated artist and more :’)

Little 30 second timelapse! Drew this before playing ;D This game is flawed in game design but it’s still charming to me based on my fuzzy …

Fanart / I’m still Zelda [Skyward Sword] + timelapse! ★ Read more » » »

Sketchpost 14 / Figure studies, posting break times, notes on working hours, work modes, focus and cognitive biases, time management + LeonieUpdate in this post! [patron only]

Illustration / My entry to BeachLifeStudio’s DrawThisInYourStyle challenge! LeonieUpdate about autism & compatibility in relationships, hermit reflects on Japan’s age of social withdrawal, outgrowing friendships and more!

= Marin singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish
= First date & travels together fanart
= Madam MeowMeow and Ciaociao (Yipyip)
= “Say cheeese!!” – Link
= Time for some evil goose adventures!! (Untitled Goose Game fanart)
= Personal update & hey I need to change up my posting schedule to fortnightly on Mondays

Leonie rambles about Cadence of Hyrule, Zelda fanart, Invader Zim x Rogue Singularity fanart, Melbourne International Games week & more.

A few A Link Between Worlds fanart, Leonie Pinelli fanart from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Proko skull, Kirby cake and on my posting schedule.

fanart this week for the fun alone with a handful of FDC.
And a little MIAF 2014 recap among other things!