BurpDoodle: Lighting Talks on Day 2 with Caroline, Tony Reed, Anna, Rob, Saf, Nick, Jean, Keith, Kate and Tony Albrecht [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Day 2 GCAP2018 introduction with Caroline Pitcher of Film Victoria & Tony Reed! [TreveReed]

  • “If you fall we will pick you up.” – Tony

BurpDoodle: Lightning Talks with Anna, Rob, Saf, Nick, Jean, Keith, Kate and Tony

Anna Tito [MythicalC]:

  • hire diversity in your workforce for people who think differently, not your friends!
  • Personal versus professional. Keep personal and professional separate!!
  • Listen and act with minority staff.
  • Grow up together.
  • Grow up!

Oh no I’m confused with personal versus professional!! Especially with how I manage who I actually keep tabs on.

My social media is a mess right now…aside from my silly feelings, posts and arting, I don’t really have much personal stuff related to family and friends. I usually keep that private and vague for personal space. Then again, I don’t have much non industry friends.

And sure, I have a lot of growing up to do in my own time personally but I don’t know how the industry as whole is going to do it :<

Rob Davis [itsrobdavis]:

  • Start small and local [and then spread out].
  • Pay it forward, help others break down knowledge walls
  • Absorb everything like an RPG game in skills – code, design, art

Good general advice. But it doesn’t apply to me and that’s fine.

I attempted to break down knowledge walls when I did my Character Design talk for NZGDC & GCAP last year...and it was too much performing, tension and perfectionism for me. I go full intense mode when I want to do something well…I burnt myself out and I’m still not fully recovered. I wasn’t really doing anything mind-blowingly new in terms of knowledge either.

Doing talks is not for me. I’ll just keep blogging and maybe do videos again in the future. ;P

In terms of absorbing skills, I’ve accepted that game design and coding are not for me. For those who didn’t know, I studied Computer Science and web development a bit over a few years. I don’t have the brain for them. I don’t live and breathe game development and that’s okay.

I just want to do better at art and life ;P

Saf Davidson [Wanderlustin]:

  • Writing is a professional skill
  • writers write everything
  • get a good writer, Hire one!!
  • games is storytelling

Pretty straightforward talk! We waved a few times in passing too 😀

Nick Suttner [nsuttner]:

  • Not biggest Nintendo fan, no nostalgia, had enough of Mario and Zelda for his lifetime, it’s childish and too tutorialised
  • How we need to hold Nintendo to higher standards even as a comfort food game – not allow them to dominate.
  • Need gardening games more [Planet Nanny] as a way of play [like Stardew].
  • Wind down relaxing games, like a relaxing ritual [Animal Crossing, Ooblets, Mineko’s Night Market, Neko Astume]

As a mild Nintendo fan, I agree with the standards and desire for new things. I don’t want to ramble about that here though! And Breath of the Wild was great…I burnt myself out on that game though.

With wind down relaxing games…I still have trouble with them as I tend to get bored, disinterested and sleepy after a while and am bad at allowing myself to release the tension and enjoy it when I first start playing them. I like trying them for the fun of it sometimes and it does help me relax eventually! Learning to :<

I’m more of an average puzzle, narrative heavy or rhythm game person. Though for most narrative driven games I watch others play instead. I’m picky with what stories I want to experience for myself ;D

Jean Leggett [JeanLeggett]:

  • Words are good, do it now
  • the power to impact inside, stories dying to come to light
  • who tells the story has the power – your ethical/moral obligation
  • if you have a story you have to tell, you’re not alone. There’s community in that.
  • Everything matters – impact the world and get excited in the industry

Personal thoughts: I don’t feel like I have a story to tell. I’m just posting thoughts, comics and art out there.  I don’t know or really have a community, I don’t feel like I have a big influence and I’m still figuring out what to get excited about. :<

I guess not having any of that is fine for me right now :’)

Keith Fuller [someproducer]:

  • H*ck That
  • huge leadership and overwork turnover, educate the next generation,
  • don’t ignore values, not work if limits break
  • “passion” is useless

Yeah passion alone is useless…watch the talk for context ;P

Kate Edwards [geogrify]:

  • I thought you were better!! Grow Up!!
  • Sense of injustice in an industry without accountability
  • Collective action is hard to do, but needed for a better future and to fix it

There was also a game industry mantra so just watch the talk haha

Tony Albrecht [tonyalbrecht]:

  • Why are you doing useful? Use your smarts and skills for good.
  • What benefits human kind?
  • Are you doing something useful?
  • Consider the impact of the media you make. Is it for people to question, educate, question authority, how we’re all human, on mental health, physical issues, are you helping them?
  • Learning history, ethics, philosophy, human condition, lots of jobs that serve and make a difference to help.

Personal thoughts: Gosh I was left with…I don’t think I’m doing anything useful nor do I consider myself intelligent? I don’t even know what value I can bring to the world as I’m still learning and trying to take care of myself as it is. Don’t know if I agree or fit into the criteria but lots of food for thought.

I’m just juggling, learning, experimenting and bringing a form of escapism, expression, sillyness and fun in my work. :<

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