Spooky Toilet Trips + art of the past week (Ben Burnes album commission)

#57 Spooky Toilet Trips 🚽🌙

When I was a kid and I had to go to the restroom late into the night, the light switch was super noisy thanks to the ventilation fan! So most things were in done in the darkness if I were to do things stealthily without waking others up.

Thanks to movies and shows I’ve seen back then I was terrified of being abducted and/or creepily looked at by aliens through the tiny window so I strove to get my business done asap! Eep! Felt most vulnerable and spooked!!

Going to the toilet late in the night used to be scary for me!!

Am I the only one spooked by alien abductions like this as a kid? :0

Leonie’s art from the past week

#53 Fine then 🦉💢

I didn’t care anyway! Stuff you! ;P #passiveaggressiveowl

#54 Please no 🦉💦

Not this again!

Felt cute; Might Delete Later Ben Burnes Album art commission [his tweet]

Got commissioned to do art for his new album of chill beats and lofi hip hop style tracks. He kindly gifted it to me too yesterday! I did not expect to do a traditional cat illustration out of the blue but here we are! :0

Please note I’m not open to do any commissions for the rest of this year. And for future reference about private/indie commissions it heavily depends:

  • if I’m interested,
  • if it’s the kind of thing I’d share in my blog and posts (and if I’m allowed to),
  • if you’re great to work with and you know and it’s clear what you need,
  • if it’s worth my time to do it with a fair, reasonable budget and timeframe
  • if I’m able to do what you need efficiently and well
  • if I actually can do the art style that you’re seeking
  • and/or I really want to do you a favour (especially in the case of personal commissions where the budget is super low).

This is because it’s not something I can wholly survive off from and I’m trying not to be underpaid where possible ;P It’s great as extra, emergency savings though! As a freelancer, savings is super important!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤

In the past week I’m just busy juggling as usual! I got tired to the point where I just had to groggily nap away my headache. I guess I burnt out because the following day I did nothing productive like a deflated blob because most weekdays were me striving to stay on a schedule :’)

Yeah I’ve given up trying to be a super hoomin every day of the week – it’s not physically possible for me and I easily get burnt out. I just have tomake sure that I have at least a day of the week where I just do whatever I like and relax :’) When I do recover, I strive to do art for myself and/or learn things on another day.

I’ve been wondering what to call myself since I technically still freelance in games but I refuse to call myself a game artist (as it implies being good at many game art things). Maybe I’ll call myself art helper in games? I’ve been sticking with illustrator but it feels very general. Meanwhile, I’m doing less finished pieces as I focus on learning, drawing, designing rather than polished illustrations. Aahhhh what am I?! Thoughts welcome!

The Cyber sale weekend was something! There was a bunch of self care stuff to buy on sale and I ignored all the art tutorials at a discount because it’s still expensive and I have a lot and books to go through already :< At least I have self control with the tutorial hoarding this time and got help to talk myself out of it. I don’t need it. It’s just my insecurities telling me otherwise 😛

Anyhoo thanks for reading about my art misadventures of the past week! ;D Can you believe that it’s already December 2019?! :<

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