BurpDoodle: CheckPointOrg Evidence Based Mental Health with Dr Jennifer Hazel [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Jen [Rx_Pixel] AAA model of Evidence Based mental health [booklet] [resources]:


  • Cycle of Analyse, Accept and Act
  • To analyse what your Automatic Negative Thoughts [ANTs] are and rewrite, reframe and change them
    • what your inner wall/barriers are
  • To accept use hourly mindfulness – using self awareness and presence with your body and breathe
  • Talk, sleep, it’ll be okay, do the best you can
  • No endless negativity [look for the Thinking Hack Pack at the Checkpoint site]
  • Act – Gratitude, mindfulness, flexibility, ask for help
  • It is what it is and move on from the stress
  • Being your own cheerleader is powerful. You’re doing a good job.
  • Let the tension flow away
  • It’s very hard and tough to do all this – we’re all human
  • Just try, progress and use positive coping mechanisms
  • Take control and responsibility of your life and be kind with yourself
  • No more “here’s my problems and labels about myself so I’m not taking control and responsibility of my life” – be honest about your own excuses
    • fears and problems and issues, stop avoiding dark corners
    • take control of your life even though it’s scary and you don’t want to; this is what makes confidence in life
  • Just do it
  • Scared? But face it anyway

Look into CheckPoint [tw]’s valuable resources!

Glad I attended and got to say hi to her and to Josh [jboggsie] afterwards! Humbled they remembered me! 😀

I went to her talk because I need to sort out my mental health right then [and ongoing right now] and I think this is a valuable resource for anybody who needs it too.
Personally I have too much tension, stress, negativity, lack of confidence/autonomy and a lot of personal stuff to work through. It’s up to me to decide and I hope and trust that my inner wisdom will eventually get me to a more positive life. I’m not sure what that means in reality but I hope it comes with more warm hugs, friendships & intimacy, artistic growth and great, fun times.
For now, I’m trying to allow myself time to learn how to do what I enjoy and take things easy – physically and emotionally. Not great at it since I can’t seem to completely turn off and relax :<
Knowing [like anybody else] that I have to depend on myself and take responsibility to slowly get to a better headspace and life is both freeing and lonely. It’s going to take several years.
But I hope it’s sooner than that.