BurpDoodle: GameHugs Podcast with Leighton Gray & Jason Imms [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: GameHugs podcast with Leighton Gray [graylish] and Jason Imms [jasonimms]

  • “Eternal Darkness”
  • “Miitomo is my jam!”
  • “Crunch is about money management”
  • “Transference to personal issues”…it’s really difficult to cater to all of them
  • “Dream Mom is my life but not creatively fulfilling”
  • “I love horror more than hot moms and dads”
  • “Raised by the internet…I am the salt Bae!!” [dun dun dun!!]

It was a wonderful GameHugs podcast to be a live audience for! Yes I’m also guilty of tweeting some Miitomo pictures haha. It was a good honest insight into her personal experiences with social media.

Personal thoughts as a homebody:

At the time, I had an internal battle – whether to leave peeps I was sitting with at the back to sit closer to the front [so I can draw the speakers]. So I moved, hoping I can come back after the talk but everyone was gone, had plans so I was alone again :’) It happens and it’s normal. It’s hard to stick to a group or person for long because I don’t quite belong, I felt drained after a while and peeps had better and more friends to hang out with :’)
Gosh you can tell I don’t often do social things!

PS I have my own professional email now!! Wow! 😆

Now I can keep my gmail for personal shenanigans ☺️
and Mighty emails vs professional vs personal would be clearer 🤔