BurpDoodle: Fireside with Kevin Penkin and Daniel Golding [MIGW18/GCAP18]

BurpDoodle: Fireside with Kevin Penkin [kevinpenkin] and Daniel Golding [dangolding]

  • Loves Metroid Prime
  • Worked on Florence, Made in Abyss, Necrobarista
  • “I like cheese…in moderation”
  • Explained about light motifs leitmotifs and musical moments in Florence

It was great and relaxing to listen to talks outside your own experience and field! And I don’t know either of the speakers that well. Not that there’s many art talks this year [I missed out on them, apologies 🙁 ]

Agreed with Kalonica, being able to experiment and analyse your own work for the right emotional impact is an amazing luxury to have. Then again, I’m not really doing heavily narrative driven games for work. My own experience with art is mostly doing it to get the job done and it’s not part of the process and schedule to refine, take as much time as it needs to get it right. So I put pressure on myself to get it right as much as I can the first few times around…which is bad :<

I walked past Kevin by chance and he kindly waved/acknowledged me with cookie in hand haha. I note and appreciate this because most people are stuck within their own minds like me! :’)