W27 And I call myself a born and raised Melbournian

Leonie’s small blog island says hullooo! (:
Twas a week of new experiences I must say. Not necessarily of the art kind, to the detriment of this update so there is little to mention about art learning.

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!

17th Wed

  • PV (Position Vacant) sketches from the day before; more sketching to get more familiar with my concepts as I prepared to do an actual series of storyboards
And more doodles
Have some more even
Some extra notes and doodles
And thus ends the doodles
  • Train adventuuures; somewhat disappointing as there was hardly any times for me to draw people like an undetected creepy ninja
Heads floating in space is a thing, it appears
This gentleman…I wasn’t sure if he was sleeping or smirking; I don’t remember
  • Figure drawing exercise during my 3D animation class
Scrawled gestures
More figures in terrible agony
Her limbs deformed terribly; I’m probably getting worse
A page full of awkward nudes
  • PV feedback on Secretary, Janitor and Environment generally encouraging and positive from Brendan and Heath though there were improvements and changes to the environment to be made in terms of lighting, the high ceiling, tentacles and the CEO door. I do agree the lighting doesn’t suit (it was admittedly the easy approach as otherwise, more lighting props will have to be designed and made amidst the tight time frame so I didn’t bring it up early on during the thumbnail stage) and so I most agree with Heath in that it needs more of a “horror” vibe in the lighting area.
PV lighting thumbnails to get a sense of what lights we’re going for. Did this in MSPaint as I did this just for an example during our group discussion. Wasn’t productive today as I spent most of the day dealing with tablet and mouse driver issues in class.

18th Thurs, 19th Fri, 20th Sat

Rest of the week was consumed by PAXAustralia but in relation to my art learning journey, I did manage to draw a bit here and there as follows:

Some PAXAus doodles of attendees
Just a tiny mention of a friend who actually looked at my blog *gasp!* (:

21st Sun

I should be ashamed to call myself born and raised Melbournian as I have no clue about navigating the place at times. Still, I am an ingrained hermit who would like to travel someday whenever I can actually afford to with good company. Someday.

I was sneaking out of PAXAus to attend this month’s sketch group meet for a while but I went to the wrong venue (Federation Square’s NGV), realised this after 40 minutes of wandering before the designated meetup time, traveled to another venue (Arts Centre), saw that it was also the wrong venue as well when I stumbled in front of a concert and had to climb back up several floors of stairs, walked across in a panic and finally reached my destination (NGVI) 10 minutes late out of breath and really feeling how unfit I was. To be fair, I was sleep deprived and sore among other things.

Drew these at Federation Square’s NGV as I came 40 minutes early to wait for the meet up to happen…yet there was nobody there so I started to panic.
Lots of 60’s fashion photos I’ve found, some pottery as well as John Brack’s Collins Street 5pm
Some more 60’s ladies
Finally, (after some scooting around) I found the actual venue of the meetup at NGVI (not NGV), and I ended up drawing French religious sculptures of long ago. Too bad I did not give the first lady justice to her proportions but as usual, I will post my embarrassing drawings to remind myself of the shame.
I could only draw her bust before I had to scoot back to PAXAus. At least I got some drawing done!

22nd Mon & 23rd Tues

Time consumed by PAX Australia so no art related news here, but I did go over the sketch meet drawings with pen because the original pencils began to smudge horribly across the page, destroying my details.

Reflection for the Week

As expected, I wasn’t too productive in the past week art wise but what I do know is that I am incredibly sad and depressed that PAX Australia is over while I have piles of catching up to do with reality, the internet and with the Position Vacant student film project.

Since the PAX Australia experience, I have caught a horrible cold, a lot of my fingers are wrapped in bandaids, my legs somewhat bruised, sore and irritated, I’ve become a mute resorting to sign language and typing and I don’t know why!

Regardless, after some recovery time, I’ll hope to get back on track in the next few weeks!

Thanks for looking! (:
Until next time, Leonie